Neon hair

Neon hair is a bold style choice that bleaches the hair strands to achieve a vibrant look. It’s best to work with a professional colorist to avoid damaging the hair. Using heat protectant sprays can help preserve neon hair color between touch-ups.

Orange hair is eye-catching, and suits light to medium skin tones, especially for those with blonde or dark brunette hair in a blunt bob or long layers. To prevent brassiness in orange locks, using a toning shampoo with blue pigments can neutralize brassy tones. There is a character named Shirley in Geass who possesses orange hair.

Orange oil is an effective remedy for dandruff due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can soothe itchy and flaky scalps. Incorporating orange oil into regular hair oil or spray regimen can promote hair growth and strengthen the roots.

Yellow hair has become a popular fashion trend among celebrities and stylists. It works well on most skin tones and complements balayage highlights. Yellow tones in bleached blonde hair can be neutralized using a clarifying shampoo with violet techniques.

Blue hair can make a striking statement or blend in naturally, depending on the chosen shade. When using semi-permanent dye, ensure it is ammonia and peroxide-free for less damage. Conditioning the hair after coloring can help prolong the color’s longevity.

Green hair is another eye-catching choice. It looks best with a short haircut and straight styling. Combining green with vivid shades like purple or blue can create a unique effect. Green is associated with renewal and healing and is often seen as the opposite of red.

For a more subtle look, try frost or moss-green hair. This hue pairs well with bob haircuts and requires periodic refreshes with color-safe shampoos to maintain intensity.