Easy Updos For Long Hair

Long hair can be both stunning and challenging to style. Luckily, plenty of attractive updos will turn heads at work or formal events.

Multiple Braids Ponytail

Try a multiple braids ponytail that combines style and practicality – it’s an effective way to keep hair off your face while looking polished!

Braided Updo

A few things can elevate your hairstyle, like braided updos. From cornrows to messy buns, braids are chic for any special occasion. You can even use hair accessories like beads to elevate them further. Just wash and nourish your locks regularly to maintain their health!

To create this updo, brush away any tangles from your hair before parting it in two. Weave one ponytail into a braid, then separate strands for texture to secure with hair pins – repeat for the second ponytail. Finish off both looks with solid hair spray to maintain this style! It makes an excellent style suitable for casual coffee dates and professional events. Even adding flowers can give it an additional romantic touch.

Twisted Updo

Flat, tight twists are an effective way to create distinctive updo styles if you have long hair. A full updo can protect your locks from the sun’s harmful rays while adding romantic curls for any special event or celebration. A halo twist updo also offers excellent design possibilities, organically showcasing natural textures.

High Ponytail

A timeless ponytail style that never goes out of fashion. The high ponytail never goes out of fashion, is ideal for formal events, and can be dressed up with a beautiful accessor, always a compinour look. Add extra flare by creating faux side bangs using this updo for long hair! To achieve sleekness and smoothness during styling, apply BedHead by Tigi Queen For A Day on top of your head before starting this updo style; this will give your updo an authentic runway finish.

Fishtail Braid

If you want a stunning and intricate look that will turn heads at a wedding or other formal event, the side fishtail braid is ideal. Style it as seen here or integrate it into a low-side ponytail; otherwise, it will leave people speechless.

To achieve this breathtaking look, braiding a small section of hair. Separate into two equal parts, then take one thin strand from one half and cross it over into the other. Tuck this in and continue braiding until your braid reaches your ear. Repeat this process with the other half of your hair, braiding as usual until reaching the back of your head and then pinning into place for an exquisite braid sure to attract compliments! Try it for your next special event, and let us know how it turns out in the comments.

Loose Half-Up Braid

Try this cute look perfect for semi-formal events: It features a mohawk parting starting around the arch of your eyebrows and pinning up two loose braided hair crowns. Add glitter or a head scarf for an unforgettable finish.

Medium-length hair can still look elegant with this style, showing off its natural texture while creating an upscale, sophisticated look that works well with all hair types and textures. Homecoming events make an excellent time to try this romantic, dreamy half-up hairstyle! Not only will it draw the eye towards your eyes, but it is easy to create. It will work beautifully with most accessories – including wispy tendrils framed around your face for added femininity. This look is sure to leave an impression at your next event!