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Upscale Salon in the Bay Area

This upscale salon has earned itself a strong following in the Bay Area. Kate Ogata from Fancy Pants Report describes it as the ” go-to balayage ” source:” They specialize in texturized hair.

Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber stands out with its friendly service and atmosphere as well as its high-quality haircuts, starting at $55 with three ranks: Junior Barber for beginners/trainees), Fellow Barber (regulars who’ve been cutting hair for some time), and Senior Barber (experienced barbers with outstanding marks and praise). Along with haircuts, Fellow Barber also provides straight razor shaves!

A Barbering Craft

Fellow Barber was founded by Sam Buffa and William Tigertt in 2006 to advance the craft of barbering. Since then, its 11 locations boast their distinct aesthetic representing their local communities and clientele, plus an expertly crafted grooming product line.

Signature Style at Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber shops on both coasts draw men in queues, eager for an appointment with one of their chairs and professional treatment. Williamsburg’s location stands out with an exquisite green garage door that gives an open and airy feeling while offering plenty of seating, coffee bar service, and book selections for visitors to browse through. Fellow Barber is known for their quality haircuts and signature style: an eclectic combination of classic and modern. Their timeless and relaxed look is perfect for men looking to elevate their style to the next level. Additionally, their shop offers various cuts, such as three on the sides and long on top, as well as beard trimming services.

Made Man Barbershop

The Made Man Barbershop provides a luxurious experience with its classic feel. Offering precision cuts, skin conditioning shaves, beard trims, and children’s haircuts, its staff are experienced professionals; you can book an appointment online or by phone.

All-Inclusive Barbershop

Sam Chulpayev hails from a long line of barber professionals; both his grandfather and uncles owned salons before him. So it was no surprise to Sam when he followed in their footsteps by opening his barbershop in New Jersey – along with his staff! Sam believes in meeting men’s needs in one location, thus setting himself apart from other shops. This upscale barbershop welcomes walk-in customers and accepts all major credit cards as payment. Its convenient location makes it easier for you to receive quality cuts and shaves with its professional and courteous staff who strive to give the best haircut possible. If you have allergies to specific hair products, please inform them before receiving a haircut. Additionally, bring pictures of what haircut you would like so your stylist knows exactly what it should look like for optimal results.


Leo Rivera, 37, is going bald, not in patches like other men who prefer keeping tufts around their ears; instead, he is losing every hair from crown to nape. Leo is part of the team behind the Bishops Barbershops franchise that’s opening its first location in New York City this month after becoming famous in Portland with its innovative marketing campaigns and street-style vibe. His chain inspired copycats like Seattle-based Rudy’s and Denver’s Floyd’s 99 Barbershops!

A Unique Barbershop

The franchise is also popular among the city’s LGBT community, who may not always feel welcomed at other salons. Furthermore, it aims to be more inclusive than its competitors by encouraging stylists to choose their playlists during the workday and not requiring them to meet specific hourly haircut quotas before earning a commission. Furthermore, employees receive fair wages while supporting no harmful practices from rivals like forcing stylists into wearing uniforms. Style at Bamboletta is grounded in counterculture heritage, a modern aesthetic, and a welcoming service for people of all ages and genders. Their affordable a-la-carte pricing makes the salon accessible to most; customers can customize their looks while maintaining hygiene measures to protect clients against contamination.

Affordable and Stylish

Bishops stand out from its competitors with its distinctive branding and low prices, as well as its commitment to supporting the local music scene. Their stylists are true hair enthusiasts who live and breathe their craft – always striving to deliver high-quality haircuts at a reasonable cost. Bishops stands out with its trendy style and affordable prices, offering specialty services like straight razor shaves and hair coloring. Its friendly staff and convenient hours make it the ideal place for quick quality haircuts at competitive rates. Using its online check-in feature, you can skip lines by booking appointments directly online, though busy periods could result in longer waiting times, so it is wiser to visit early.


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An Intriguing and Poignant Protagonist

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