How to Style a Long Pixie Haircut in 2020

Women who think committing to a long pixie haircut is too big of a commitment may be surprised to discover its versatility and stylish potential. Practical yet fashionable, pixie cuts can look fabulous when combined with bold hair colors such as purple or even paired with an undercut for maximum impact.

Viola Davis highlights her dark pixie with highlights several shades lighter, giving it instant dimension and dimension.


An asymmetrical long pixie can be an elegant solution for those who wish to keep their hair short but add texture. This look can frame the face, hide fine lines on the forehead, and focus attention on the eyes.

This long pixie cut with shaved sides and long fringe is feminine yet stylish. The razored sides add some edge, while long locks on top create face-framing layers.

Add curls to your long pixie haircut in 2020 for an eye-catching and unique style that stands out. Rings add texture and volume, helping your style stand out.


Long pixie straight hairstyles are an eye-catching trend among women looking for chic looks. When combined with fade or undercut fades or any fade haircut, long pixie straight locks look proportionate and stylish on any face shape, especially when colored for added pop!

If you’re feeling uncertain about dying your hair, pastel hues might be just what the doctor ordered. Soft and subtle, pastels won’t overwhelm your face when used sparingly, like in this long pixie with ash blonde highlights, its feathered layers, and elegant, feminine style.

Hip Shaved

The shaved pixie hairstyle is ideal for anyone seeking to stand out. The contrast between its shaved sides and longer hair on top creates an eye-catching appearance, which can be worn with either bold colors or neutral tones for maximum impact.

For an unrivaled style, dye your pixie cut with vibrant hues to give it more dimension and express your individuality. Doing this will leave you feeling empowered while showing off your personality.

Try adding curls if you still need to get quite ready for a full pixie cut. Not only will this give texture and volume to your locks, but the rings will help frame your face for a stylish, layered look that also frames it!


A pixie haircut featuring long hair on top can be an elegant and chic choice for anyone. It can be styled in different ways to suit other occasions, from sleek elegance to something more daring. This example shows short back-and-side hair and long locks swept back.

If you want to add zest and personality to your pixie haircut, consider dyeing it a vibrant hue such as pink. Bright shades like this one can draw the eye while creating contrast; they work exceptionally well when shaved-side and undercut styles are worn. Or opt for more subdued pastel tones for something subtle and understated.


If you want a classic look for your pixie cut, consider keeping the shorter layers at the back and sides more concise while leaving longer hair at the front for contrast and boldness. This style works exceptionally well on black hair but can also be paired with other hues – either natural or vibrant!

Long pixie cuts with face-framing bangs are perfect for thick hair. Not only can they elongate the face and draw attention to your eyes, but they create an elegant finish when combined with subtle highlights.

Get bold with an eye-catching extended tapered pixie cut featuring angled layers and silver highlights! This striking style will undoubtedly leave an impressionful statement when people see you!


If your long pixie has become too short, ask your stylist to add slight length at the crown and sides, creating an eye-catching casual style. Finish it off with salt spray for an effortless beach-inspired style!

Bold hair colors may be tricky with a pixie cut, so pastel hues are an ideal alternative. From light mint hues to darker emerald shades, finding your perfect hue can help bring out your inner glow and add depth and dimension.

Combine a fashionable yet comfortable style by pairing your pixie cut with an eye-catching hair clip. Depending on its design, it may serve a helpful purpose (pulling back your bangs) or simply be worn as an eye-catching fashion statement.