How to Style Naturally Long-Wavy Hair

If your naturally long wavy locks have some volume to them, there are numerous styles you can try when styling them. One popular method is creating a voluminous ponytail.

Another option is to wear your hair in loose, beachy waves for a relaxed look and an effortless appearance.

Curling wands can also help create more defined coils. The best way to keep them defined

Wavy hair can be lovely, yet challenging to manage. Since it has more movement than straight strands but less coil than curly ones, wavy locks may look disorganized if they need proper attention. Luckily, there are various strategies you can employ to keep your waves looking polished and defined all day (or night!).

If you want your waves to remain bouncy all day, add texture with a messy braid or half-up/half-down style for added polish and glam appeal at evening events. Or ask your stylist for layers to add more volume and bounce – remember a lightweight product like Nexxus Weightless Style Shape