Different Curly Hairstyles

No matter the length or volume, curls can look beautiful with the right haircut. Try adding subtle highlights for an elegant style that accentuates facial features and flatters any face shape.

Medium Length Curls

Alternatively, shoulder length curly hair could be just the cut for you if you prefer having casual and uncombed locks. This style frames your face perfectly while being easily stylish when combined with colorful sunglasses. Plus, its natural dark brown shade with subtly highlighted blonde highlights adds depth and gives the appearance of healthy curls!

Create extra shine for your curly locks with a balayage ombre! Dark brown roots paired with ash blonde highlights creates an eye-catching contrast that gives your locks a sun-kissed appearance and appears fuller and thicker.

If you want to add refinement and sophistication to your shoulder-length curly locks, try out a hard part for an edge that stands out. This look works with ponytails or topknots and pairs nicely with straighter bangs that frame your face while drawing attention to your eyes. Dove Style Care Curls Defining Mousse helps maintain shape throughout the day!

Long Curls

Long curly hair can be styled in numerous ways. From defined, polished coils to loose and natural ringlets, long curls offer plenty of styling possibilities. Additionally, hard parts provide a clean distinction between different sections of your locks while adding definition without disrupting their relaxed aesthetic.

A taper fade haircut is an excellent choice for men with curly locks, as it balances their thick strands by shortening the sides and back while leaving the top longer for a sleek and polished look. Pair your cut with an informal yet feminine style like a messy bun or loose French braid to complete the look.

If you have long, curly hair, voluminous layered bangs can add plenty of volume and dimension to both your crown and side profile. Start by applying volumizing mousse or gel to damp hair before scrunching in medium sections for the look you desire. Finish it off by spraying some shine spray to add shine while giving this cute hairstyle its signature sexiness!

Short Curls

Short curly hair can be fun and easy to style – the perfect way to showcase your natural vivaciousness! Wear your curls as-is on casual days out, give them an elaborate updo for special events or simply style them casually in a cute updo like this.

If you want a curly hairdo that stands out, try opting for a cut with short sides and longer layers on top. This angled style lets you experiment with proportions while creating a stunning frame for your face.

Medium Curls with Balayage Ombre

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with your wavy or curly locks and are ready for a change, why not give balayage a try? This technique creates a natural-looking gradient to add dimension and texture to medium curly hair while helping tame unruly curls and bring out highlights in your locks.

Balayage works well on medium curly hair because it blends harmoniously with your natural shade without making the curls too distinct or distinct from one another. Balayage also works wonderfully well when applied to textured locks, making maintenance simple when using appropriate products and following an effective routine.

A layered bob haircut for medium curly hair can add texture and volume, as well as be styled with side parts and bangs that frame your face for a classic look. For an unexpected flair, the highlights here begin as dark chestnut brown but gradually transition into lighter toffee blonde for an eye-catching yet subdued effect.