Classy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair provides you with many styling possibilities; from sleek and straight, to tucked back or even volumous.

Slicking back your hair

Slicking back your hair is an elegant formal hairstyle for women. To achieve the ideal style, use texturizing spray and bobby pins to secure it into place.

Slick Back

The slick back is an effortless yet sophisticated style for men with long hair. Simply consult your barber or stylist and have him shave the sides while combing back the longer top hair for this timeless look, perfect for formal events and suits alike. Additionally, it provides great definition to older gents’ appearance.


The ombre hair color trend is one that will continue to remain popular. It is an incredible way to add depth and dimension to your locks while making them appear more natural. Brown to blonde ombres offer the ideal solution for those with dark brunette locks who are looking to add some highlights without going too light; and pastel trends can be tried without being too bold or bright.


With its classic combination of sweeping front and chignon at the crown, this look works best on longer locks; however, shorter or layered styles may still be styled into a high bouffant for mother of the bride hair and vintage charm.

Fishtail Braid

Add a fishtail braid for a classy bohemian-inspired style by weaving this intricate braid around your chignon or at-home updo. Though this braid looks complex, its implementation is actually fairly easy – though taking practice may be necessary. Start by pulling one side of hair into a high ponytail, dividing into two sections and fishtail-braiding tightly from opposite side of head. Finish off with hairspray for added impact.