How to Elevate Your Short Afro

Natural hair is versatile and can be styled into almost any look, from sleek looks like actress Yara Shahidi’s to updos with texture. All it takes are appropriate and care products to achieve any style imaginable!

Afro Puff

An Afro Puff is a timeless look for showing off your natural hair texture, providing protection without much maintenance required. Perfect for “lazy naturals” who don’t have the time or desire to do a whole twist out or wash and go. Try adding an adorable headband for extra cuteness.

Afro Puffs Tips

This style is ideal for formal occasions and date nights. Use a holding cream explicitly designed for coarse hair and pin the sides up – it looks even more striking with blonde highlights! Afro puffs should be created on clean, stretched-out hair. A light misting of water may help hydrate your afro, but beware not to over-wet, as overdoing it may cause shrinkage and volume loss. If time is limited when creating full afros, drawstring afro puffs can boost instant volume with just one easy attachment point.

Twist Out

A twist out is an ideal protective hairstyle for afro-textured hair, creating next-day waves and curls that won’t frizz and stay defined throughout. To get this look, moisturize strands with Coco Creme leave-in conditioner before applying curl cream to every section before twisting them out. When finished, your choice of twists (single, two, or flat) will determine their texture and curl pattern. To maintain long-term style success, smooth the ends with light hair oil before spraying water or hair refresher spray every day over your scalp to refresh its look and ensure lasting effects.

Modern Twist Out

For a trendy modern twist, try styling a deep side part and pin-up edges for an eye-catching look. A copper tint adds depth and highlights the delicate coils in your natural curls. This look works well if transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or has mixed curl patterns.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an elegant way to elevate short, natural hair. This style makes an impressionful statement while complimenting any outfit and occasion. Create the style by parting your zigzag locks before creating Bantu knots on each section – simple! To achieve optimal results with this style, moisturize your locks beforetarting this method. Use a deep conditioner to nourish and prevent breakage of your strands; additionally, use a styling gel or custard for optimal moisture retention.

Cultural Consideration

Bantu knots are an iconic hairstyle worn by African women, representing culture, self-love, and power. It is essential for everyone, especially white women, to avoid cultural misappropriation when replicating this look and instead add their own personal flair to this classic hairstyle.

Slicked Back

Even if you can’t manage to style your afro like Teyonah Parris, there are still ways to keep it looking fierce! A hair pick and head wrap are practical tools for keeping it in place while looking beautiful. Use hair oil/moisturizer to maintain healthy locks and keep an afro looking great. A slicked-back look can be either classy or casual and pairs nicely with side bangs and tapered cuts. Finger waves offer an elegant alternative. Create beautiful curls without heat for effortless coils that pair nicely with Afro bobs or shoulder-length ponytails; adding highlights can enhance this look and provide an additional dimension to your circles.