Black Women’s Natural Hair Looks

As more black women embrace their natural hair, it has become even more essential to adopt styles that demonstrate pride to showcase them. Negative perceptions regarding kinky locks may have previously caused women to shy away from this style out of fear that discrimination would occur at work or they might feel marginalized for wearing it.

Now more than ever, numerous stylish options offer an edgy look and the protection your hair needs to remain beautiful – from sleek bobs to tribal braids – that allows us to express who we are with our hair! Below are a few styles that say it all about you.

Bantu Knots

Few hairstyles are as instantly recognizable or stylistically distinguishing as Bantu knots. Recognizable due to their intricate, customizable, and highly protective nature, bantu knots have long been worn by stylish celebrities like Lizzo, Yara Shahidi, Issa Rae, Zoe Kravitz, and Jodie Turner-Smith on both red carpets and in everyday life settings.

To achieve this look, divide your hair into square sections with a rat-tail comb before braiding feed-in cornrows in each area for added support and structure. After your cornrows have settled, begin twisting them into Bantu knots from roots to ends, starting from tiny knots and working up into larger ones as desired. Create several small or one sizeable bantu knots based on your mood!

This hairstyle can be quickly done at home without professional assistance (provided your hair has been stretched and moisturized correctly). Erinn Courtney, a stylist, and natural hair care specialist, tells TZR that bantu knots can be created on any hair length but are most valuable for longer styles since they protect and stretch more effectively than shorter ones. For an added splash, you can add color or accessories, such as gold beads or cuffs.

Protective Hairstyles

Protective styles are the key to keeping kinky curls healthy and avoiding breakage, brittleness, and heat damage. Braids, twists, faux locs, and buns protect natural hair from heat damage and weather elements that cause hair loss or breakage.

Women with bob-length hair may find that braiding their locks into small sections and tying them into a pineapple bun is the easiest and most effective protective style. It looks lovely from every angle and is ideal for summer when heat and humidity can take their toll on fragile locks.

Marley twists can create an eye-catching and protective style when styled correctly, and are an easy and elegant way to do just that. Wear this sultry style with an off-the-shoulder linen dress or boho chic outfit for maximum impact and turn heads everywhere. For shorter hair, add in some fun ’90s accessories for an eye-catching and versatile look that looks good from every angle.


No matter the style or density of your curls, they can look stunning when adequately defined. To achieve this look, keeping them moisturized with products such as SheaMoisture Coconut