Best Hairstyle For Me

Finding your ideal hairstyle doesn’t need to be complicated or take forever; with the proper cut, you can feel confident about your appearance and effortlessly rock any look.

Try opting for a pompadour style or side fringe to accentuate an oval face shape. Try avoiding long, thick bangs as these add further angles, and angles could alter the overall structure of your face shape.

Round Face

If your cheeks and jawline are closer than they are apart, you have a round face shape. Luckily, various styles can work for this face type: messy cuts help elongate the look of your face; go for a textured bob or grow out a shoulder-length shag with lots of layers and choppy bangs as an example; ash blonde balayage will also work wonders on skin tones!

Long hairstyles for round faces should follow two significant guidelines when styling long locks: avoid center parting and keep strands from becoming too full on top. Opt for a side-swept bob with several long strands across your forehead instead.

Men with round faces should also consider sporting a faux hawk, known as a cachepot, to accentuate their height and create the appearance of length and narrowness. Pair this look with cool-toned brown hues to draw focus to eyes and eyebrows.

Diamond Face

If you have a diamond face shape, you likely possess strong cheekbones and an indented forehead. Choose a hairstyle with length at both ends to best complement this appearance to broaden your forehead and jawline.

An elegant chin-length bob with side-swept bangs can elongate and emphasize your jawline, creating a striking face shape. Try this hairstyle using Pete