What’s my hair type?

To determine your hair type, part your hair in the middle using your fingers or a comb and examine it in a mirror. Pay attention to the thickness of each strand and the pattern of curls. Your hair may fall into straight, wavy, curly, or coily categories. If you are still determining, consult with a professional stylist for guidance.

What’s my hair texture?

hair texture can be fine, medium, or coarse. Fine hair is thin and delicate, while medium hair has more body and holds curls well. Coarse hair has larger strands and can be more challenging to style, often leading to frizz. Roll some clean strands between your fingers to determine your hair’s texture and observe how they adhere.

What’s my hair porosity?

Hair porosity measures how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. You can determine your hair’s porosity by submerging clean, product-free strands into a glass of water. If the strands float before sinking, your hair has high porosity. Your hair has low porosity if they immediately soak up all the water and sink. Another way to test porosity is by gently stretching a clean strand and running your finger toward your scalp. If the strand feels bumpy and resistant, it indicates high porosity; if it glides up easily without resistance, it indicates medium porosity.

Understanding your hair type, texture, and porosity is essential to care for and style your hair appropriately. Knowing these details lets you choose the right products and treatments for your hair.