New Hairstyles For Men 2020

An exciting new year calls for an exciting new look, and for men with medium length hair there is an array of haircut options that can complement both formal and casual styling needs. Here are a few of the latest hairstyles for men 2020 you should give a try this season.

High Skin Fade

High skin fade haircuts have always been in fashion and remain stylish and sleek-looking for men who wish to keep their locks short but maintain an upscale and trendy aesthetic. A high skin fade allows plenty of length on top which can be styled into quiffs, pompadours or slicked-back styles depending on personal taste and preference. This look takes the traditional comb over hairstyle and adds an eye-catching high skin fade for extra flair. Hard part comb overs have always looked good with any haircut, but by adding this modern flair with its high skin fade it stands out even more from any crowd. Pompadour fades are becoming an increasingly popular trend in men’s hairstyles, and this one serves as the ideal example. Pairing a pompadour with a high skin fade for an eye-catching and striking style, the low taper fade dresses the sides and back of this haircut while its distinctive pompadour stands out wherever it goes.

Side Part

One of the most enduringly trendy men’s haircuts, a side part is a timeless trend that never goes out of style. Perfect for both formal events and casual outings alike, its versatility can accommodate most occasions – be they formal or casual. Also an alternative to pompadour stylings; works particularly well when combined with fades for an elevated and refined appearance. Try a modern comb over with side part for a classic and polished look, or opt for something edgier with hard part and disconnected undercut. Either style will let your style express yourself!

Cropped Top Layers

A unique variation on the classic pompadour haircut, this stylish men’s haircut showcases a thick razor fade on each side and an unstructured hard side part, complete with a brushed back textured finish for added visual interest. Ideal for guys with medium-length hair looking to add visual interest. This short men’s haircut is an effective way to showcase your natural texture and shape of hair. A cropped top layer allows you to show off some natural waves in your wavy locks, which can then be styled in various ways. Pair this look with a clean high skin fade and some stubble for an eye-catching finish that will turn heads!

Beardless Style

One popular style option for men looking for an alternative to precise fades is keeping their hair shorter and allowing it to grow out naturally, similar to what we see with beardless men. This style makes dressing up or down easily depending on your mood or event – making this style suitable even if committing to a full beard is not an option.