Multi Colored Hair Trends

Sunset Hair

Sunset hair is an exciting trend featuring vibrant pink, purple, orange, and red tones reminiscent of sunsets. It looks fantastic on short and long locks, making it perfect for those who want to embody the beauty of watching the sun go down. This trend also allows for creative self-expression through fashion. For a natural take on sunset colors, try a burgundy ombre with blue-violet roots that blend into vibrant reds and end in gold highlights. It’s sure to turn heads! If you prefer something more straightforward and less permanent, opt for semi-permanent hair dye like Koleston Perfect or Color Touch, which fades after a few shampoos but still looks stunning. ARCTIC FOX is another option that lasts longer, with up to 25 shampoos!

Mermaid Hair

The mermaid hair trend has gained popularity on TikTok with its vibrant hues and dreamy aesthetic. Develop an effective maintenance regime to make this style more wearable and easy to maintain. Ask your colorist to add subtle mermaid-inspired balayage highlights throughout your strands using teal and seaweed hues for a more modest under-the-sea look. This adds depth without overpowering your hair. If you’re up for a more dramatic transformation, go for an all-over mermaid-inspired mane. Just use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and keep extra dye for touch-ups. The pastel purple and blue mermaid hair shown by the model is an excellent example of this style. Another unique option is a rich black cherry shade, which looks stunning on those with darker hair.

Ombre Hair

Ombre is an innovative twist on classic hair color trends that draws attention to natural highlights and lightening for an eye-catching effect. It can be subtle or strikingly dramatic, incorporating various colors. Try bright pinks and oranges, or go bold with rich ginger hues for an energetic vibe. Sombre is a more subtle variation of this trend, featuring a more natural blend of shades, including darker roots. Both balayage and ombre techniques require an experienced stylist who can seamlessly blend two or more colors. These processes can take several hours and require a more rigorous hair health maintenance regimen.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair, also known as galaxy or unicorn hair, is a striking trend featuring pastel colors in various spectrum tones. It’s perfect for those who love color and want to make a statement. Rainbow hair stands out from traditional ombres by creating color blocks with different hues over large sections of the scalp. From chunky highlights to fine ones, this style is attention-grabbing. Choose a silvery blonde base color for a subtler look to make darker violet, red, yellow, and blue shades stand out. For something bolder, try geode-inspired rainbow hair with pink and purple tones.