Does Short Hair Age You?

Be it beehives or side-parted pixie cuts; short hair is now the fashion. Celebrities, as well as fashionistas alike, seem to favor sleek cuts over long locks. While specific shortcuts (closely-cropped and matronly bobs) can age you, other shorter styles can prove surprisingly youthful. We consulted experts to discover their secrets for maintaining young locks.


As women age, it is a widespread belief that they should cut their hair shorter, per popular opinion. Long locks represent either trying too hard to look youthful or as an indicator of frailty; however, this isn’t the case, as many stylish women over 50 wear their locks long while still looking fantastic! Finding the appropriate length and style preferences can be tricky. Layered styles add depth, helping to conceal gray hairs. Maintaining healthy locks requires regular trims and conditioning treatments; overwashing may lead to oil build-up on your scalp, which leads to dry scalp and brittle strands, so finding an acceptable balance is vital for you! Before selecting a length, it’s wise to consider your hair’s texture when styling products. If your locks are thick or coarse, more may be required to create your desired look, while for fine or wavy locks, less may be enough product to keep it healthy and manageable. If you’re considering going shorter, a lived-in pixie is an elegant, youthful style option that works on most face shapes.

Additionally, this cut requires minimal upkeep in terms of styling daily! Ask a stylist to add soft layers to your pixie or bob haircut for added volume and to frame your face agelessly. The layering technique is beneficial for combatting signs of age, such as gray roots or broken ends in your locks.


Long hair tends to look better on most people due to evolution’s association between long locks and health and fertility, yet not all lengths and styles are created equal. When selecting your cut, consider your natural texture, as certain types complement it better than others. Furthermore, find something that complements your face shape while emphasizing key features – too much washing may lead to dry and flaky scalp conditions, so find an acceptable balance between frequent washing sessions and healthy-looking strands.


Aesthetics is the study and appreciation of beauty. This science applies across many fields, including fashion, how your ensemble and look are put together, and clothing, makeup, and hairstyles that set you apart from the crowd. Several strategies are available if you want shorter locks that make you appear younger. Certain haircuts work better for specific face shapes; color can add to the youthful effect. People over 50 often notice their hair becomes duller as time passes; making a simple color change may help revive its appearance and maintain vibrant locks. Essential oils can also keep hair looking its best, but too much fat could result in a dry scalp. Long hair doesn’t necessarily equal attempt-hard cougar or old hag status. Elegant women who sport long locks still look effortlessly chic; this is an example that it’s important not to fear expressing oneself through one’s style. Various short hairstyles can give you an immediate age upgrade, depending on the texture of your strands. A blunt cut may emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, while a lived-in pixie with length around the face works better for most faces.

Furthermore, consider how low maintenance the cut requires, as this may limit its longevity. Alternatively, opting for a straight cut could help with aging as it won’t emphasize your curls as much. A bob with fringe also works on most facial structures and can easily be maintained; plus, its versatile style means it can be worn many different ways – from a more angular bob to an edgy, choppy one! Talk to your stylist to determine the best style; there may be multiple choices depending on personal preferences.