Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

For those who like to experiment with their looks and are confident enough to take a risk, a mohawk hairstyle is a great option. This evergreen hairstyle will never go out of style and can make you look completely different from the crowd. The mohawk style can change the way you look and change your personality. If you’ve never tried one before, now is the time to try one. With just a few tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to having the best hairstyle ever!

Low fade afro mohawk


Men with afro hair will look incredibly stylish with low fade afro mohawk hairstyles. These haircuts are great for a variety of reasons. They look very cool, require less styling products, and can be very creative. They also look great when worn with a beard. To get the best results with a mohawk fade, you should have a well-groomed head of hair.


Taking advantage of the density and volume of Afro hair, the fro hawk fade combines the best of a low fade haircut with a classic Mohawk. The sides of the head are not shaved, and the central portion retains its original texture. To keep this look fresh, use special products that help maintain the texture. Men with afro hair will look dapper in this look.

Topknot mohawk


If you’re a gent with a contemporary attitude, a topknot mohawk is just for you. This ultra-modern take on the classic look is sure to get you noticed. To achieve this look, have your barber shave your sides and chop off a V-shaped section at the top of your head. The remaining length can be tied into a stylish top knot.


The top knot is one of the most iconic hairstyles for men. This spiky style is a popular choice among celebrities, including the actor Orlando Bloom, who first sported it in Pirates of the Caribbean. This style is also a favorite of actor Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the hit Marvel movie. The actor can choose to dye his top knot a dark color or keep it natural. Then, add a black scrunchie, a pair of sunglasses, and a dashing beard.

Side-patterned mohawk


If you have short, thinning hair, a side-patterned mohawk is a great look for you. This style is both trendy and edgy. It can be long or short and features a unique side pattern. Most men choose this style to show off their masculinity and sense of style. For this style, you’ll need to use lightweight hair products that give the hair a natural look. A black or Hispanic man should use a lighter product to give his hair bounce and lightness. A textured style will give your hair a smoother, more natural finish.


Another version of a side-patterned Mohawk is the Deathhawk, which is a hairstyle that combines long hair with a side-patterned undercut. This style is often longer than the others, and it features a faded undercut toward the ear line. The sides of this style are usually wider and brighter than the rest of the style, and you can add bleached ends to the top for a unique look.

Graduated mohawk


A mohawk hairstyle is the epitome of punk rock, and it was even embraced by other subcultures. This hairstyle for men is distinctly ’90s, and it’ll remind you of hip-hop stars and techno aficionados alike. It starts with a few inches of length on the top, tapering down to a fade toward the back. Men with fine hair should avoid going overboard with the length difference. For a smooth, even look, use gel to create the Mohawk and straighten hair on the sides.


The faded look of a Mohawk can look equally cool on men with contrasting facial hair. A graduated fade can add a touch of contrast and focus on the top portion of the hair. To keep this style unique, add a hair tattoo or a unique design to your hair. Lightweight gel is ideal for this style. A graduated haircut is an easy and versatile style to maintain. A stylish graduate can be enhanced with minimal patterns or colors.