Top 5 Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

1. Spiky Hawk

Add drama and edge to your hairstyle with this spiky faux hawk! The sides are skinned, while the middle/top area of the head keeps longer to create an exaggerated mohawk shape. To give this cut personality, try styling it using the finger-combing styling technique for maximum effect. This short faux hawk will turn heads no matter your hair thickness or style!

2. Short Fauxhawk

Shorter than your typical crew cut, a faux hawk with skin fade is an eye-catching addition to any look. You are boasting longer length on top for styling options like spiky hair or messy waves for an edgy or casual style. Taper fades are another effective way of creating the mohawk effect, popular among men who prefer more refined takes on punk hairstyles. This short faux hawk with a high fade is an ideal look for younger men or boys, easy to maintain with regular visits to your barber and using appropriate products. Its pointed tip will also draw attention to your eyes and face structure! Add a splash of color for a pop of brightness!

3. Long Mohawk

Feathery mohawks are ideal for men who wish to express their creativity through hair. This cut combines a taper fade with long hair on top in a technique known as feathery mohawk. You can leave the top part wavy or use hair gel to stand up your top part – for an unforgettable look, add hair tattoos for added flair. If you are seeking a more masculine hairstyle, consider the flat mohawk. This stylish yet sophisticated style features buzzed sides with a thick strip in the middle for maximum effect and works exceptionally well on men with straight, thick locks. Perfect for any formal event!

4. Frohawk

The frohawk is an eye-catching style for black men with natural dreadlocks, providing another opportunity to display them and complement a high or low-fade haircut. Furthermore, you can style this hairstyle with a quiff or slick-back style for added refinement.

5. Short Mohawk

It consists of a short main section paired with a fade ranging from high, mid, and low (which they refer to as a burst fade), followed by groomed sides and back which may include designs like Xs, geometrical shapes, names, or musical notes. A shorter variation of the classic mohawk, this style is significant for guys with finer locks who could use some added volume in their locks. Plus, this works exceptionally well if you sport beards. One way to rock a mohawk is by coloring it. While this might only suit some, it can make you look pop at events or work! Choose between dark copper or more colorful shades like blue, red, and green for maximum impact!