Brown Hair and Highlights

Brown hair is an eye-catching natural hue, yet when coupled with highlights, it looks incredible. Highlights lighten the shade while creating contrast, giving your texture more vibrancy and a radiant appearance. Copper highlights add summery vibes to dark brown locks, accentuating their richness. A cool-toned balayage technique will also produce a softer result when highlighting.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is an ideal hue for brunettes who wish to add warmth and depth to their look. This rich color looks beautiful against almost all skin tones; however, olive-toned complexions and green/hazel eyes benefit particularly from it. If you’re a blonde, consider adding natural-looking brown highlights with balayage for an instant change. Or add copper highlights for warmth and shine on chocolate locks, or use subtle auburn lowlights for something entirely new! Embody your inner brunette with this cafe au lait-inspired shade, bambi brown, in Korea. Featuring warm red undertones that complement warm skin tones, it is a bit lighter than espresso but darker than caramel, with dark tones at the roots blending beautifully into light ash brown towards the tips for an eye-catching gradient effect.

Dark Brown

Dark brown hair is an elegant shade that pairs perfectly with various highlights, from caramel and honey hues to blonde or even red hues. They can help lighten its shade while simultaneously creating contrast without overtly changing its hue. For an ombre effect, use balayage techniques with caramel or golden brown highlights over darker strands to achieve this look. The lighter colors help tone down the locks, adding a subtle sun-kissed appearance. Ice-blonde highlights can create an eye-catching contrast. To maintain their brilliance and prevent brassiness over time, advise your client to use shade-shielding products like INVIGO Brilliance once every week to restore highlights and to avoid fading.

Medium Brown

If you have medium brown hair, adding color highlights with the appropriate hues can soften and brighten it significantly. A bold red hue adds warmth, while blonde highlights will highlight your brown base’s richness. Ask your colorist to employ the cool-toned balayage technique for an effective way to lighten a dark brown base. This involves applying darker hues at the roots. In comparison, lighter shades are applied on top and midway points, as demonstrated above by Wella Passionist Nicole using Blondor Freelights 9% and Color Fresh CREATE New Blue with Tomorrow Clear to lift sections before pasteurizing and painting through them for a stunning marine mane effect. Ash brown is an ideal shade for brunettes who wish to lighten their locks without going blond. Popularized by actress Romy Schneider, it perfectly suits all skin tones while enhancing warm brown complexions.

Wispy Gold

Women looking to add some brightness and dimension to their brown locks can opt for a light ombre effect, starting with dark roots that gradually transition to golden blonde mid-lengths to ends. A chestnut shade adds warmth to this vibrant base color. Ashy brown hair can become monotone with subtle highlights; adding pops of brightness with this balayage style adds subtle yet noticeable highlights that still create an eye-catching manner. This look stands out and is perfect for women who seek natural-looking highlights but like to stand out. This mermaid-inspired look will rejuvenate your complexion with soft pastel rose highlights. Ask your colorist to paint face-framing strands in this hue on sandy brown hair for an eye-catching, low-maintenance style that works for all age groups. This hairstyle is suitable for everyone!


Warm blonde tones offer stunning highlighted hair looks, from beachy balayage strands to subtle caramel color melts – they bring out natural brown hair colors while complementing tanned skin tones beautifully. A stunning option to add dimension and depth to dark hair without going too light is smoky ash blonde, with stylists using chunkier highlights for this gorgeous hue that will grab everyone’s attention. Blonde highlights are an ever-popular hair trend that never goes out of style – they work exceptionally well when applied to darker locks. No matter your shade choice, this brightening addition to your locks will turn heads and captivate every audience you pass by. For help in updating your color today, reach out to a stylist.