5 Modern Hairstyles For Summer

Since humans have existed, people have devised novel and inventive ways of styling their hair. Be it just for fun or adding an extra bit of seduction, you can try an infinite number of looks!

Layered medium-length hair adds movement and texture. Choppy layers are particularly ideal for those with fine locks who wish to emphasize volume without losing structure.

Warm Blondes

Selecting an ideal blonde shade means finding harmony between your skin tone and eye color. Warm blonde hues with golden or red undertones work particularly well on brown or amber

-skinned women.

Balayage might be the right solution if you want a warm blonde hue without risking damage to your locks. This technique allows stylists to lift individual strands of your hair more gently than other techniques such as ombre or dip-dye.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown provides warmth and dimension without the brassiness associated with lighter blonde hues, thanks to its rich hue containing reddish tints that flatter light and dark skin tones alike. Serena Williams and Chrissy Teigen both admire this vibrant hue. Their hair displays how an ombre of chestnut brown can add depth and dimension to natural colors or gradually change auburn shades. Combine chestnut brown highlights with golden and blonde tones for an irresistible caramel look. Be sure to use a heat protectant when styling your hair, and use only sulfate-free shampoo when washing for vibrant results.

Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown is an earthy yet sophisticated brunette shade. Inspired by portobello mushrooms, this color trend offers earthy undertones with creamy hues and gray undertones for an earthy yet refined finish. Staying with mushroom brown roots can be the ideal way to lighten up without touching up every few weeks like blondes would need to do. This look works perfectly when combined with ash-blonde highlights or lowlights for added dimension and contrast!

Honey Beige

Honey beige, an attractive yellow hue with an earthy undertone, can instantly brighten hair and skin. Ideal for women wanting to reduce color processes while keeping their strands healthy, honey beige can immediately lighten any look with just one application – ask your stylist to add highlights throughout for added dimension and lightening the overall appearance. Stylist Rez believes this sun-kissed blonde look will become one of the hottest trends in 2023. He used highlights and golden-beige gloss to achieve this sun-kissed style on Madelyne Cline.

Flippy Layers

Flippy layers add movement and volume to any style, whether your locks have curls or straight strands. Add an undercut with matte clay or pomade for a polished yet wild type that’s ideal for summer. Add an edge to a classic shoulder cut with shag-inspired layers and curtain bangs, framing the face beautifully while injecting life into longer locks that may remain limp or flat. This style frames beautifully.

Cropped Curls

Those with natural kinky curls will appreciate this style for highlighting their texture. Make sure the length on the top remains moderate, and complete the modern appearance by fading along the sides and back of your head. Celebrity stylist Taije Simon often provides Zendaya with a short pixie featuring a deep side part and outgrown bangs to highlight her volume and unruly coils. She recommends weekly deep conditioning treatments combined with hairspray to maintain this style to hold its shape.

Shag-Inspired Layers

Shaggy layers look fabulous on all hair colors, particularly blonde tones. They work wonderfully on wavy and curly locks, drawing out their full-bodied texture beautifully. For something different and eye-catching, try styling medium-length wavy shag with center parting and flipped-up ends for an eye-catching edgy style! Soft pastel hues such as peach, lilac, and light navy blue pair perfectly with airy shags for an effortless style that always looks its best no matter the day’s challenges. Layered looks make styling your locks easy, so your locks always remain gorgeous no matter the day’s events!

Modern Shoulder Length

Finding that ideal balance between cheeky pixie crop and Ariel-esque locks with this timeless shoulder-length look has long been popular, thanks to its adaptability with any texture. This curly shoulder-length bob is exquisite, but what brings out its beauty are the side-swept bangs that frame your face without becoming overwhelming. They play peek-a-boo with your eyebrows for a beautiful frame without overwhelming or being overpowering. Wavy shoulder-length hair looks beautifully styled into a low ponytail for casual wear and red-carpet events. Tease your roots to achieve this effortlessly chic look by playing with parting and teasing out roots at the heart.