Modern Men’s hairstyles

The Balayage look is the latest trend in hair, and it has been dubbed the modern equivalent of afro hair. A red base and blonde highlights warm up a person’s complexion. Unexpected shapes, such as a graduated bob, are also among the most popular haircuts for men these days. Whether you’re looking for a new cut or a fresh take on an old favorite, these hairstyles will make a big statement on your style.

Balayage hair is today’s synonym of modern hair


Creating depth in your hair with balayage involves strategically placed lowlights and hand-painted highlights. The process of chemically dyeing your hair strands alters their structure, which can be harmful to the strands. Bond enhancers, used in balayage hair dyes, help to protect the strands. Ideally, balayage should be done every six weeks, but a first visit to the salon is sufficient to build up the colour.


Balayage hair color is an effortless cool look achieved by hand-painted highlights. It is less permanent than traditional foils and is a great way to recreate your natural highlights from childhood. In addition to balayage’s low-maintenance nature, this hair colour technique is highly versatile and can be applied to any hair colour. Balayage is the perfect way to bring back that summer vacation look to your hair.

Unexpected shape is a modern men’s haircut


The crew cut has recently become a popular men’s hairstyle, and for good reason. Men all over the world are wearing this shape, making it easy to identify as a modern men’s haircut trend. This haircut is often cropped in a different direction from its usual shape, giving it an unexpected shape. Moreover, men who are more interested in the way their hair looks can opt for an unexpected shape.

Graduated bob is a modern men’s haircut


A graduated bob is a popular modern men’s haircut that is versatile and stylish. The layered effect at the back blends into the blunt length, creating a sleek silhouette. A blonde or brunette graduate bob softens the overall look. To add more texture, use a styling product like Aveda’s Texture Tonic. The layered look of a graduated bob is a great choice for men with thin or fine hair.


A choppy graduated bob can add more height and dimension to the cut. To keep the look fresh and fashionable, use a hair treatment mask once every 15 days. This will help your hair retain moisture and prevent split ends. You should also use a hairdryer or mousse to add bounce to the cut. A graduated bob is an excellent choice for thick and thin hair, as it flatters a wide variety of facial features.