Anime Girls With Blue Hair

We all have favorite anime characters, but some stand out due to their backstories and character development. Blue hair often represents strength or determination – this may explain why these anime girls have captured our fans’ interest so well and kept them coming back for more!

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is one of the most determined, opinionated anime girls around, and she also has an infatuation for Gray Fullbuster that borders on obsessive love. She often shows this emotion through sarcasm or by engaging in destructive behaviors to get what she wants from him.

Fairy Tail’s Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser, one of the central characters from the Fairy Tail anime series, is beloved by fans. Her water magic makes her both dangerous and beloved by those around her; furthermore, her unusual love affair with Gray fascinates fans even further.

As a Pisces, she is both emotional and selfless. Her love for Gray knows no bounds; she daydreams about him all the time, even though his feelings don’t return the favor. She belongs to the Fairy Tail guild but previously belonged to Phantom Lord, an opponent. She can use Unison Raid – a potent form of magic that requires extreme emotional connection – with Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster; additionally, she creates teru teru bozu dolls as protection from rainy weather.

Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi

Attractively nerdy, she proudly displays her appreciation of Haruhi Suzumiya by decorating her room with figurines and decorations from its franchise. Additionally, she enjoys playing ero games, even though this does not sit well with her father.

Her friends know Kona as Kona-chan and have an endearingly mischievous humor. Though short, she excels at pulling all-nighters and is passionate about video gaming.

Her tsundere personality comes from being poor due to her older sister and making fun of people like herself, such as Otaku fans. She belongs to the Animation Research Club as a second-year student, enjoying playing MMORPGs and manga alongside cosplaying as hobbies.

One Piece’s Nefertari Vivi

Vivi, daughter of Cobra Nefertari and Titi, is an exceptional princess who prioritizes the well-being of both her citizens and friends over personal gain. While sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates from Whiskey Peak to Alabasta to help end Crocodile’s oppression, she ultimately returned home after their voyage had concluded.

Although her time with the crew was brief, she left an indelible mark on Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, who all pledged their protection for her. Additionally, Pell and Igaram closely connected with her as she watched out for them all.

During the Reverie Arc, Oda hinted that three characters would play essential roles in One Piece’s final saga, and Vivi fits that bill! Fans can only hope she will return soon.

Date A Live’s Yoshino Himekawa

Yoshino Himekawa from Date A Live is an endearing character to enjoy! She’s known as an innocent child spirit who doesn’t intend to harm anyone – including those she comes into conflict with! This Nendoroid comes complete with three expressions and with her hand puppet!

El is Elinor’s spirit form, and she wears a white summer dress with green rain boots when her hood is pulled down to reveal her adorable large ears.

This Nendoroid features Yoshinon in her ventriloquism attire – making for an exceptional figure to add to any collection! She even comes equipped with her unique “inverse” costume variant! Take advantage of this; add this lovely figurine today!

Akame Ga Kill’s Esdeath

Esdeath, one of the main characters from Akame Ga Kill, is a highly manipulative sadist who delights in torturing her enemies to cause pain. Furthermore, she doesn’t hesitate to kill those weaker than herself, justifying her actions with their deceased father’s old creed.

She is highly adept at fighting and can quickly spot suspicious characters even from far away. Her senses are keen; they allow her to detect another’s killing intent from as little as their breath or scent alone.

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail was her opponent on the Rooster Teeth web show DEATH BATTLE!, in which she won. Tatsumi finds charm in Tatsumi’s cute face, toned body, and charming smile and longs to experience true love firsthand.