Modern Guy Haircuts

While trends can come and go instantly, classic hairstyles remain timeless – they always look good now and years ago! We have selected several medium hairstyles that fit this bill below.

The Messy Comma

The messy comma combines K-pop style with chic elegance in one effortless look. It works best on wavy or straight hair with longer top layers and shorter sides and can easily be styled using pomade or wax for effortless styling.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for men with straight, thick, or medium-length hair. This style pairs nicely with any color hair fade – skin or taper fade is best. Additionally, there is enough length at the top to be parted down the middle or combed back easily for styling purposes. Men with this hair type are great candidates.

A Classic Side Part

A classic side part is ideal for showcasing facial hair and goes beautifully with any beard style. This hairstyle makes a bold statement in any environment, making it suitable for modern guys who wish to stand out.

The Bald Fade

Bald fades or skin fade haircuts are fashionable and highly versatile, offering something suitable for every man’s tastes – from high skin fades to mid and low versions. This contemporary haircut is ideal for men who wish to make an unforgettable first impression. A sleek pompadour adds masculine power and confidence, while the hair on the sides and back is scissor-cut and faded to baldness for an attractive contrast against its rich top portion.

The Clean Shave

A clean shave can give you an instant confidence boost and signal renewal – encouraging you to face life’s challenges with renewed strength and purpose. This style works particularly well on men with thick or wavy locks, although fine texture can also work well. Ask your barber to provide an even length throughout, and then use wax or medium-hold gel to maintain this neat, stylish look.

The Comb-Over

A comb-over works well on all types of hair, especially men with curly or wavy locks. It creates a clean and stylish look suitable for formal and casual occasions.

The Brushed Back

This hairstyle offers a sophisticated finish for men looking for more conservative options. A high or low fade creates an understated yet clean side look, while the top can be styled using pomade for a secure, structured appearance.

The Pompadour

Try this textured style if the classic pompadour is too formal and smooth. It creates a more informal, laid-back appearance and works exceptionally well on guys with thick hair.

The Crop

A great haircut should enhance your features by emphasizing what looks good about you and downplaying what does not look so great; for instance, if you have a large forehead, a tight cut can help lessen its prominence or hide it altogether. Men with medium-length hair often benefit from having their haircut styled in a textured way. Ask your barber to create longer tops and shorter sides, adding texture with some sculpting cream or wax for texture. Wavy hair can be styled by allowing it to fall naturally into place or using matte pomade for structure and orderliness. Either way, this low-maintenance look is easy.