Women’s DIY Haircuts – Don’t Reach For the Kitchen Scissors!

Cutting your own hair may sound daunting, but with the appropriate tools and techniques, women’s DIY haircuts are often straightforward. Just don’t reach for those kitchen scissors stashed away in the junk drawer!

Are you looking for a low-maintenance way to look put-together yet stylish? Try this blunt-cut bob with long curtain bangs: edgy when necessary but invisible otherwise.


Partings are used to divide someone’s hair. A parting may be simple or more artistically designed to frame the face – this feature of any haircut for women should not be neglected! A deep side part is an ideal way to draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows while simultaneously slimming your forehead and adding balance to the face. To achieve a deep side part, follow these steps:


Brushes and combs are indispensable tools for keeping hair neatly untangled and devoid of debris like lint or dandruff. They also help in maintaining the uniform direction of the hair, with no stray hairs visible. Brushing helps encourage the hairs to lie in one direction while pulling out loose ones to provide fuller locks that appear neat and tidy.

Fun fact: One early Degas work from The Phillips Collection that featured combing was “Women Combing Their Hair” in 1870 from the mid-1870s.


During times of significant change or transition, they may choose to cut their hair short. When cutting women’s hair, precision and patience are crucial to avoid uneven cuts or undesirable results. Follow this cross-check procedure: