How to Style Mixed Curly Hair

High Ponytail

Ponytails can be an ideal solution for keeping second and third-day hair fresh while still showing movement.

Use a volumizing gel or pomade, broad tooth comb/brush, and hairspray for a sleek and complete style.


Hair edges, also known as baby hairs or swooped edges, can be tamed to create a sleek and styled appearance on textured hair.

Choose lighter-edge control products that won’t leave your baby’s hair sticky, greasy, or stiff.

Top Notch

Jon Renau’s Top Notch hair enhancer is an excellent solution for women with thin hair.

The double monofilament allows for multi-directional styling and is held securely in place with five pressure-sensitive clips.


Braids are an excellent way to protect mixed curly hair while giving it an attractive style.

Use products designed to keep curly locks hydrated and protected to maximize the life of your braids.


Curly hair can make for great bangs if approached correctly.