How the Allison Janney Haircut Is Changing the Face of Mom

Allison Janney’s Surprise hair Transformation

Allison Janney, known for her light brown, side-swept locks on the TV show Mom, shocked producers by showing up with a new short haircut and natural gray color. The change was inspired by Helen Mirren’s decision to embrace her “authentic” color during quarantine.

Crafting a New Hairdo for Mom

Janney had carefully crafted her character’s hairdo for the show, spending a lot of time perfecting the style. Her long, brownish-blonde locks were usually parted to one side with straight ends, so the appearance of short silver-gray waves surprised producers.

The Personal Life of Allison Janney

Janney has been in a relationship with Philip Joncas since 2015, and fans are curious if they will marry soon. She has had a successful acting career over three decades, appearing in various movies and TV shows, and has received multiple awards. Janney is also involved in advocating for animal rights.

Long Layered Haircut with Side Sweeping Bangs

Long layers can add depth and dimension to your look while keeping your hair healthy. Pairing them with bangs that can frame your face or be styled back for dramatic smokey eyes creates an effortless and versatile style. This chin-grazing cut works well, whether blown out, sleek, or left messy for casual days.

Recreating Brigitte Bardot’s Timeless Look

For a rich, natural color, try a long, face-framing fringe with dark roots and light brown balayage to achieve a timeless feminine style. This exquisite style is perfect for women with thick black hair.

Short Layered Haircut with Wavy Bangs

A wavy layered haircut adds volume and definition to fine hair. Many famous actresses, including Glenn Close, Emma Thompson, and Kristen Scott Thomas, favor this style, making thin locks appear thicker. The wavy texture adds volume, highlights facial structure, and draws attention away from light waves.

Adding an Elegant Touch with Bangs

Adding bangs can provide an elegant finishing touch for short, wavy hair. Charges can enhance your facial features, whether it’s a choppy fringe or folded-over bangs for a playful vibe. Curly hair types also benefit from having cracks.

Short Layered Haircut with Straight Bangs

Janney’s pixie haircut is an elegant example of a short style that remains stylish and sexy, thanks to the layered structure and wavy side bangs framing the face. To enhance the impact, consider adding blonde balayage highlights for added drama.

Rocking a Bob and Bangs with Curly Hair

Contrary to popular belief, having curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock a bob and bangs. Chrissy Rasmussen proves this with her eye-grazing pixie featuring curly locks and lifts, proving they can look as stylish and glamorous as straight locks. Adding depth and dimension with a dark brown shade can enhance the natural texture of curly locks.