Middle Part Hair Male Trends of the Nineties

Trends tend to go in cycles, so it should be no surprise that the nineties look has returned with renewed enthusiasm. From sixth-form standard rooms to K-Pop music videos, having middle part hair male has become an absolute necessity. Proper haircutting and styling techniques can fit almost any face shape and work for all hair textures. It mainly works well on medium-length wavy locks where its waves frame your features to emphasize the symmetry of parts.


TikTok currently features a subculture for semi-emo/goth male fashion known as eBoy, consisting of baggy streetwear and monochrome clothing layered over long-sleeved striped shirts, as well as silver jewelry such as chain necklaces and dangly earrings worn in this manner. The classic eBoy haircut is distinguished by curtain bangs that hang down either side of your face, similar to curtains hung across two windowsills. This hairstyle works best on men with naturally curly or wavy locks; however, it can be customized to accommodate any hair texture.

Blunt Edges

Blunt edges elegantly frame the face, offering classic yet clean styling options for all hair lengths and textures. Try pairing these edgy edges with a skin fade for an elegant aesthetic, or taper fades for gradual lengthening at the crown. Straight or wavy, this style works beautifully for any facial structure and can be further highlighted with face-framing bangs to add drama. Add texturizing spray like sea salt spray to your locks for an undone, beachy finish to give them volume and movement.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are an elegant fringe style perfect for framing the face. Popular among celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry, and Gigi Hadid. Em Rata makes this trend funky with her voluminous, layered take on it that is both dramatic and modern. This style works well on virtually all face shapes and suits various lengths and textures of hair. Plus, its low maintenance requirements mean this style requires little fuss or fuss!

Curtain Undercut

A curtain haircut can make a powerful statement. The style works exceptionally well on straight locks and is suitable for hair of various lengths and textures. Bold colors look especially effective, and styling requires only matte pomade or another texturizing product for optimal results. An aggressive yet sleek style, this hairdo works well in professional settings. A nice fade on the sides with one side dropped fringe is a practical choice for men with medium-length hair.

Heavy Metal

MTV was notorious for featuring female bands with more of a glam rock aesthetic than Black Sabbath at its core in the Eighties; what passed for metal at MTV consisted of an eclectic mixture of bands such as Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, and Quiet Riot that combined pop with shout-along hooks and eyeliner; they became known by fans as hair metal. Curtain bangs work perfectly if your hair is medium to long; this look will make you appear trendy and trendy.

Messy Afro

A bold, eye-catching combination, a slick middle part with a messy afro, makes an unforgettable statement. Pair this style with a low fade haircut for an eye-catching appearance. Try this style if your natural thick locks possess some texture for added elegance. A classic middle part is an elegant option for medium-length wavy hairstyles that showcase prominent features. Use pomade to sculpt waves into place for added hold, and finish this chic style option efficiently.

Clean Cut

Middle-part hair was an increasingly popular style throughout the ’90s, from Hollywood stars to Seattle grungers. After going away for some time, the middle part of the hair returns! A hard central parting can help define your face without needing an elaborate curtain cut. No matter the texture of your locks, this look always looks polished and elegant. Teamed up with a fade, you’re sure to turn heads; use hair pomade or wax for extra hold and control.

Side Shave

The center-parted haircut came back in the 90s and can be worn in many ways. Pair it with curtain bangs to frame the face or slick back for a sleeker finish; plus, it works well with all types of hair lengths and textures! This middle part of men’s hairstyle works particularly well on wavy or curly locks and requires minimal styling effort. All it takes to complete it is adding some texturing or wet-look product, and you are good to go!