Top 5 Most Popular Kids Haircuts

Low Fade Haircuts

Low fade haircuts offer a smooth transition from neckline to ears and feature a textured style on top, making this style great for children with long locks and easy to maintain. This cut works particularly well on those who require frequent trims.


A classic pompadour haircut for kids with thick and wavy locks is effortless to maintain with just a bit of styling product in the mornings. Additionally, this look works best on children with longer top layers; short haircut styles may need to work more effectively with this look.

Quiff Haircuts

Quiff haircuts for boys made of quality pomade are another great option when styling boys to look dapper and stylish. It features longer bangs swept to one side to create volume and add polish while offering plenty of room for growth and development.

French Crop

The tapered French crop is an attractive and versatile style for kids. It can be styled to be either sleek and slick or left looser and casual depending on personal preferences; either way, it makes an excellent option for those with straight or slightly wavy locks who wish to experiment with various styling options such as quiff or pompadour styles. This haircut is also ideal for children with curly or textured hair, as it adds character without becoming overly chaotic or frizzy. Use a light pomade to keep its shape.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs offer kids plenty of styling options while remaining neat and tidy, such as slicking it back or adding a quiff for an eye-catching finish. This style works well on children with hair texture, though it genuinely shines with straight locks. Regular trims are essential to maintain shape.

Layered Mohawk

Modern mohawks offer children looking for a sleek, stylish, easy-to-manage style option. This haircut has a subtle fade on the sides with longer locks on top that can be styled into quiffs, pompadours, or spikes. It works best with straight hair types but can also be achieved with curlier or wavy locks using stronghold gel to help retain its form.

A classic-looking comb-over with fade is an excellent option for kids looking for height and texture without wanting a Mohawk. Be sure to consult your school policies before attempting such an eye-catching style.