How to Style Mid-Length Men’s Hair

Adding Two-Tone Color

Men with medium-length hair have various styling options, such as adding two-tone colors. Platinum blonde paired with light brown from the center to ends creates an eye-catching combination and offers men with this length some great styling possibilities.

Quiff Hairstyle

A quiff is an elegant classic hairstyle for medium-length locks. This shape can be styled either pushed back and away from the forehead, or loosely brushed down like a fringe.


The undercut, popularized during last year’s UEFA Euro tournament, is an adaptable style suitable for all hair types. To create it, your back and sides should be cut even closer together to an even 2 while leaving your top several inches longer; this makes a noticeable line that can be adjusted using mousse, pomade, gel, or wax as desired to add puffy or flat volume depending on the desired effect.

Pompadour Style

The pompadour style is Popular among contemporary cuts, which boasts vintage and modern characteristics. Several inches of length should be available to achieve this classic style, and quality pomade or putty should be applied to create this timeless look.


Balayage is a freehand coloring technique mimicking how hair naturally lightens over time. “With traditional foil highlights, each section is saturated with lightener,” Papanikolas explains, while balayage lightener is applied further down each strand for added dimension and prevents dark roots from turning too dark as your roots expand outward. Additionally, touchups may be less frequent with this form of highlight than conventional highlights, keeping your locks healthy over time.

Bronde Balayage

Apply natural bronde balayage on medium-length hair for an effortlessly beautiful sun-kissed look that flatters any face shape and makes curls come alive! Whether you have straight or wavy locks, this style will accentuate springy curls while drawing attention away from any flaws in the surface texture of the waves.

Adding Mahogany and Auburn Shades

To elevate its effect, brunettes can add mahogany and auburn shades to their balayage, helping lift roots by disguising that line of demarcation. On blondes’ heads, milky white or cinnamon hues work wonderfully to create soft face-framing effects on short hair or layers in a bob.


Men with mid-length hair have many styling options for styling their locks, from tying back in a top knot or creating an instant faux hawk. Pair your cut with high-quality pomade or putty to maintain an appealing and hassle-free style.

Alternative Pompadour with Asymmetrical Side Parting

This style offers an alternative take on the classic pompadour with more volume and an asymmetrical side parting for added visual impact.

90’s Fashion Revival

As 90’s fashion makes a comeback in street style circles, its throwback cuts have also revived. Pairing perfectly with fades, this unique style allows for shorter sides and back hair while adding height to your forehead area. For optimal results, visit your barber every six to eight weeks for regular trimming and shaping; this will keep your locks healthy while helping prevent split ends from forming.

Side Part

The side part is a highly versatile haircut that works in formal and casual settings and requires only regular maintenance with a quick trim every other month or so. Plus, thick hair owners may find this style makes their heads appear fuller!

Classic Hard Side Part

A classic men’s style that will never go out of fashion, the hard side part is perfect for showing off one’s dapper side. Make this style even more refined using high-quality pomade; this works wonders on pompadours and has long been beloved among angsty singer-songwriters, lovable burnouts, and skater boys alike.