Styles For Men With Medium Length Hair

Men with medium-length hair now have more styling options, from pompadours and faux hawks to more laid-back styles that still look stylish.


A pompadour is an iconic men’s haircut that has endured through time. The look can be slicked back or casually combed forward for an easygoing style, suitable for almost all facial structures and hair types. Master barber Kirby Stout advises pairing this men’s cut with either fade or taper cuts on its sides for optimal results.

To achieve this look, your barber or stylist should apply a low fade or taper and cut your hair to remain long at the top. Once missed, comb back your locks into a pomp style and apply pomade for extra hold.

A wavy pompadour is an attractive alternative to classic styles, providing a fun, fashion-forward appearance. It is ideal for weekend outings with friends and can be easily maintained with appropriate products – light or matte pomade works best to achieve natural shine for this look.

Long Layers

Layers will add volume and texture to your medium-length hair, but be cautious not to take away too much from your most extended length, or you risk looking like you have had it cut by a five-year-old. Have your stylist cut in long layers that blend into longer strands at the top and front of your head for optimal results. This style works on all hair textures but is best suited for thicker locks.

A timeless mid-length men’s haircut with serious loft, the pompadour is an easy and versatile style to maintain and suits various facial structures. Traditionally worn with either a fade or undercut, modern versions feature loose quiffs as an alternative option. This hairstyle may require more frequent attention from stylists than other hairstyles to remain at its best.


Dreadlocks are an exquisite look that requires patience and regular care, yet when done right, they can be stunningly fashionable and sophisticated. Dreadlocks can also be worn in braided styles for added texture and volume! For men with curly locks, this style adds texture while adding volume. Dreadlocks have also become fashionable among religious groups that believe that bodily and spiritual energy flows through our hair to our bodies; for this reason, some religions like Jamaican Rastafarians wear them.

This timeless look always stays in style and pairs incredibly well when worn with a fade. This fade will ensure the sides and back remain at an equal length while locs take center stage at the top – an eye-catching and stylish combination! Furthermore, adding beard trim or mustache trimming for an additional polished finish could only enhance its charms!

Bro Flow

The Bro Flow hairstyle is easy and stylish for men with long or medium-length locks to achieve a sleek back style, providing them with an unfussy style they can maintain. Brush it out while damp, and consider adding some hair products for volume.

Kit Harrington, best known for playing Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, has long been known for sporting the Bro Flow style. Throughout his career, he has worn this hairdo, occasionally going for shorter haircuts for an update but always returning to it later. Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings actor and admirer, often wears his hair stylishly slicked-back but also loves rocking a prominent Bro Flow style. This style fits his bold and confident persona well and would make an excellent choice for men with aggressive hairlines.