Men’s Messy Hairstyles

Unleash Your Inner Rebel

Get a free-spirited look with loose locks cascading down the back. This hairstyle is perfect for gentlemen with thick hair. Enhance the look with texturizing spray or sea salt for additional texture and definition.

Messy Center

If you have a medium-length fade haircut with longer center locks, try this effortless casual look that adds some grunge to your style. Comb back your locks and apply texturizing sea salt spray or men’s hair wax to achieve this fashionable yet effortless style. To make it more polished, use a lightweight hair styling product with moderate hold and restyle throughout the day as necessary.

Messy Sides

Men with medium-length hair have the best of both worlds regarding messy hairstyles. They can create a bedhead look or style it disheveled but still polished using some styling product such as lightweight gel or pomade. For a more polished messy hairstyle, try a dirty side part by applying pomade or hair clay through your strands and pushing them off to one side.

Messy Front

Add personality and charm to a simple cut with messy hairstyles. Soften a side part with fade using matte wax or pomade for an effortless yet put-together style. Messy spikes are another effortless look that works with any hair length. Apply product to your strands, comb through with your fingers to create texture, then sweep back up for an unkempt finish.

Swept Back

Long, messy hairstyles are an effortless way to exude an edgy, rebellious aesthetic. Use texturizing sea salt spray or men’s hair mousse to create a neat haircut with an undone, untidy effect. Brush back a cowlick for an swooping natural impact. The brushed-back messy style works well for short to medium-length hair. Use hair clay or pomade to secure it into place.