Mens Long Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Men with long hair have traditionally been considered masculine, representing health and virility. Proper haircutting and maintenance can make their long mane stylish and eye-catching.


Men with long hair have an array of styling options, including braids. Braids add extra volume to fine locks and look cute when made on either side of your head for this men’s long hair style. An intimidating and fashionable look can be achieved by sporting twin pigtails and using hair gel or pomade to keep the strands in place. If you have a cowlick, find how it grows before parting your hair in that direction.


Mullets are another excellent means of long hairstyles for fine hair. Perfect for black men as it shows their culture and heritage, mullets also pair nicely with beards and mustaches, giving a masculine but sexy appearance that requires just an appointment once every month to maintain.


Men with long hair can still look professional if they keep their locks neatly tucked away. A good haircut will make finer waves appear thicker, while adding a beard will create the illusion of more volume. For an eye-catching style, try layering with texturizing spray. A comb-over is an attractive style option for men with long, exemplary, or thin locks, especially those who use pomade. This style looks professional yet simple to manage, making it the ideal choice.


A pompadour haircut is one of the classic hairstyles that never goes out of fashion. This haircut typically involves shortening both sides and back hair into skin fade or higher clips with longer top hair slicked or rolled into a pomade-like shape for an attractive finish. A pompadour hairstyle makes an excellent way for men to stay stylish without needing to manage an elaborate mullet-type style. Style Tip: Pompadours are ideal for men with thin hair because they make their heads appear thicker. Additionally, this look works well at both formal events and everyday casual wear; adding texture can give a more natural finish and create movement within a pomp. They adjust to different tastes easily with matte clay or texturizing spray.


Men’s long hairstyles for fine hair can range from business-appropriate to fun and flirty, offering something suitable for every environment and age group – you will indeed find a look that accentuates your personality. Bangs are strands of hair that hang down over the forehead and can be cut straight, curled, or ragged for various styles. Bangs offer many men an attractive solution; however, before making their choice definitively, there are specific considerations they should keep in mind. If you’re still unsure which bangs would best flatter and frame your eyes, try low-commitment clip-ins to test different styles before fully committing. Lots of layers and volumizing spray can give fine hair volume, while styling options such as side-swept bangs create an elegantly stylish finish suitable for formal events or the office.