Using a Curl Brush For Natural Hair

Brushing your curls when they’re damp can help avoid frizz and breakage from occurring, saving time in styling!


Detangling natural hair requires patience and skill, as keeping each strand intact during brushing will help ensure that your curls remain defined and undamaged by the process.


Depending on your curl type and texture, sectioning your hair before detangling or brushing may help minimize tangles and breakage while simultaneously organizing its strands into more defined curls.

Apply Moisture

Curly hair requires proper moisturization to be well managed since its curly textures (wavy to coily) may feel dryer than straighter styles due to how slowly its natural oils from the scalp travel down its strands.

The warning should be exercised when choosing styling products that double as moisturizers, such as gels, curling custards, and foaming lotions that also act as stylers, such as gels.


Brushing curls requires taking it slow and carefully; too aggressive of an approach may lead to frizz and breakage, so use an even touch and go in the direction of your natural coil pattern for maximum effectiveness.

An effective brush can make all the difference when creating an eye-catching ponytail or bun.