How Men’s Hairlines Are Shaped

Widow’s Peak

A widow’s peak is a V-shaped point that appears in the center of a person’s hairline. It is commonly seen in men but can occur naturally in women or be caused by receding hairlines. Widow’s peaks are often hereditary, but no specific genes are responsible. People with prominent widow’s peaks often possess other genetic features like green eyes or curly hair. This feature allows for various hair parting styles without worrying about the strands falling out of place.

Rounded Hairline

Men with rounded hairlines have dense and even hair growth across their forehead, creating a symmetrical appearance. According to Chinese face reading, individuals with this hairline are seen as kind-hearted and friendly. It is believed that they form good social bonds and receive assistance. The rounded hairline may slowly decrease or recede at the temples as people age. This is known as a maturing hairline and can be concealed with different hairstyles.


Cowlicks are groups of hair that grow in the opposite direction, creating an unruly swirl. They are most commonly found at the crown of the head or near the front hairline. Cowlicks can be inconvenient or beneficial depending on personal goals and capabilities. To tame a cowlick, hot air blow dryers, and root tamer irons can be used to control its direction. Products with high hold, like hair pomade, may also help. Increasing hair length can hide cowlicks by weighing down the individual strands.

Uneven or Zig Zag Hairline

This hairline features a low forehead and a messy and undefined appearance, resembling the shape of a zigzag or the letter W. It is commonly found among boys and young men who have not yet experienced baldness. People with this hairline are short-tempered, imitative, curious, and brave. They work hard to live an abundant lifestyle and often achieve financial success at a young age. Styling this type of hairline can be challenging due to its irregular outline. Genetic causes and patterned hair loss may contribute to this type of hairline.