Different Type of hair Types – Curly Model For Boys

If you want to know what the different types of hair textures are, it’s best to get some information about them. This will help you choose the right hair products for your particular type. For instance, wavy  is considered to be “smooth and straight,” while curly or wavy  is considered to be “curly and coarse.” There are several types of hair textures, but all of them are easy to manage and style.

Depending on the texture of that, you may need to use different styling techniques to create the perfect look. Fortunately, there are several different types of hair available. For example, Type 1  is bone-straight and coarse. Type 2  is wavy and usually has a lot of texture. Like Type 1, it can be straightened and curled with ease. However, it can be difficult to manage due to its thickness and frizz.