Mens hair Styles Over 50

Men over 50 can still look handsome and distinguished with great hairstyles. Whether your hair is thin or thick, there is a style perfect for you.

Textured Medium Look

This style is great for hiding a receding hairline and pairs nicely with full beards. Use a gel or pomade with a natural finish.

Buzz Cut

Men with thin hair can create the appearance of thicker locks with a buzz cut. This classic haircut camouflages any bald spots. Use a guard size of 3 or 4 for some styling options.

Slicked Back Styles

Slicked-back styles provide an elegant and refined appearance. This style suits all hair textures and looks great with a well-groomed beard or five o’clock shadow.


The pompadour complements almost all men. It looks great on older individuals with silver locks. Minimal pomade maintenance is required. This variation features a side-parted look with a mid-fade.

Side Part with Low Skin Fade

This style is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for creating an eye-catching face frame. Pair with a goatee or stubble beard for added effect. It is suitable for men with thinning or graying hair.

Thick Sides

This style creates volume at the crown while leaving the sides short and trimmed. It works great with or without facial hair. Perfect for men with thin hair who want to look stylish and youthful.

Center Part

Center parts highlight jawlines and facial features. It is easy to style with gel. This versatile hairstyle can be worn in various ways and complements any face shape. It can cover bald spots for those with receding hairline or thin crown hair.