5 Badass Hairstyles to Make You Look Edgy and Ready to Take on the World

The Salt-and-Pepper Fade

The salt-and-pepper fade is a timeless hairstyle that works on all hair lengths. Use pomade to slick back the sides for a combination of maturity and sensuality.

The Mohawk Pull-through Braid

This braided mohawk style is classy for special events. Add glittery accessories to complete the look!

The Cornrows Braids

Criss-cross cornrows are an elegant solution for sophisticated scalp braids. Accent them with gold cuffs for a glamorous appearance. Try vibrant shades like red for an eye-catching finish.

The Faux Undercut

If you want the look of an undercut without shaving part of your head, try this inventive style—French braid small sections of hair to form a faux undercut pattern and show off your creativity.

The Messy Textured Mop

A messy mop hairstyle adds an edge and rebellious flair to any look. Apply sea salt spray to create a wet-look style. Great for men who want rugged good looks without compromising grooming standards.

The Big Hair

An extensive and voluminous hairstyle makes a statement and can be used by various subcultures. It’s trendy among teenage Hispanic girls. Boost your confidence and achieve the seemingly impossible.

The Space Buns

Add charm to your look with this adorable and straightforward style. Ideal for busy days, use a rat tail comb, clear elastics, and hairpins. Dress it with glitter or bold colors for festivals, and remember to use hairspray.

Space buns work well for mommy-and-me photoshoots or matching hairstyles at birthday parties. They can be done with any hair length.