Men With Short hair Can Wear Their Locks in a Variety of Styles

Men with short locks have many styling options when it comes to their locks. From choosing a fade for framing your face to opting for modern styles like the comb-over or pompadour, there are endless ways in which men with short hair can style their locks.

An Angular Fringe

An angular fringe is a new trend in men’s haircutting that fits well with any style, whether swept sideways or spiked up; its elegant appearance requires no constant upkeep.

Military-Style Cut

Men with receding hairlines may benefit from the military haircut. Sides and back are trimmed short to the scalp while leaving medium length on top, creating a uniform appearance that helps conceal scars or bumps on the head. You can easily slick back this style or style into spikes using hair pomade or wax.


This haircut provides an upscale and modern take on the side-swept style, pairing a low fade with longer locks on top for an overall clean cut. Comb-over and style into place using texturizing pomade for an eye-catching men’s hairstyle that works for most face shapes.


The pompadour can be worn in several styles to meet any need or style preference, from straight to curly locks. Plus, adding fade or taper accents adds style and neatness! Men who want a sleek and sophisticated appearance may prefer the short pompadour as an excellent hairstyle option.

Thick Textured Haircut

One of the trendiest men’s haircuts for thick hair, this textured fade style combines neatness and texture for an eye-catching look. Ideal for framing facial structures and framing foreheads, it looks amazing on wavy locks too. Ask your barber to create a sharp parting line and seamless length transition for an appealing finish.

Good Boy Haircut

The Good Boy Haircut is an excellent style choice for boys who wish to maintain a low-maintenance and easy-to-style style with their hair. Suitable for most face shapes, this haircut works especially well on those with straight, wavy, or curly locks.

Thick Hair

Thick hair may be challenging to work with, but it also opens up opportunities to create various masculine styles that feature thick texture on top and tapered fades along its sides. The taper fade provides contrast against its thick texture while giving an air of rustic charm.