Great Haircuts Near Me

Booksy makes finding affordable salons with excellent reviews much simpler – helping you discover great places for a haircut in your local area that won’t break the bank! Look for franchise salons like Great Clips, Sport Clips, or Supercuts, which follow a consistent model with lower prices than full-service salons.

Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber offers men who appreciate finely cut haircuts an exquisite experience at modern barbershops. Their barbers are skilled experts dedicated to crafting effortless styles. They specialize in classic men’s types that utilize current and traditional techniques, providing beard trims and neck shaves, among many other services. Their New York-based barbershop boasts 11 locations nationwide, offering access to great haircuts at an affordable rate.

Made Man Barbershop

Made Man Barbershop offers reasonably priced precision cuts, skin conditioning shaves, and beard trims. The shop provides an upscale atmosphere with soothing music, catering to men of all ages and ethnicities. Sam Chulpayev’s family has long been active in the hair industry, and his salon in New York City has become one of the highest-rated salons nationwide. With over 300 barbers working, Made Man Barbershop ensures top-notch services.


Freemans, established in 1905, began as a business offering limited goods with monthly catalog deliveries. They quickly expanded, offering clothing, toys, jewelry, kitchenware, furniture, and carpets. Freemans is known for its affordable prices and discounts of up to 75% off. Their barbershop, located approximately 17 miles from Notre Dame stadium, is a favorite among Notre Dame football players.

John Allan’s

John Allan’s is a luxury men’s grooming club in Midtown Manhattan. They offer scalp massaging shampoo, hot towel treatment, haircuts, manicures, shoe shine, blowouts, and styling treatments. The club provides an elegant and old-school salon experience at affordable prices.