Men Hair Style 2020

Men’s hairstyle 2020 features a modern aesthetic with easy upkeep requirements. It combines medium-length hair and an inverted fade cut that displays clean and stylish sides. This style is ideal for those who wish to maintain longer locks while adding a modern flair, especially when combined with beard and mustache styling.

High Bald Fade

Are you searching for an office-appropriate yet funky style? Consider getting a high-quality haircut. This variation on the fade cut features more defined lines on its sides to give off a modern, sharp appearance that’ll easily take you from office to bar. Mid-taper fades are an attractive alternative to high-skin fades, offering less extreme yet still polished results. They’re great choices for those with oval, diamond, or triangular face shapes; when finished with quiff or pompadour, this style will surely draw people’s eye!

Hard Side Part

The hard side part has long been one of the classic men’s hairstyles. It works exceptionally well with a fade haircut, making for an eye-catching combination that works for any face shape. This style involves creating two sections with hard razored lines dividing your hair above the temples, then styling either area into a pompadour or quiff for an edgy appearance, or smoothed back for professional purposes. The classic taper fade shaved hard part is an ideal look for men with straight, heavy locks. Popular among soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and actor John Boyega, it looks excellent with an undercut comb-over or side-swept beard.

The Mohawk

The mohawk is an emerging hair trend for 2020 that marries the stylish appeal of a man bun with the edge-defiant character of a fade haircut. Ideal for men with thick locks who wish to keep it sleek and fashionable while protecting their necks, this style provides ample coverage without sacrificing style. Faux hawks offer many of the same dramatic styling options without all the drama associated with mohawks. To achieve this men’s hairstyle, ask your barber to fade your sides and give you a clean, hard part with a hint of spike at the top. This style works beautifully when worn with either a beard or mustache, for which a matte hair pomade such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel should provide an ideal matte finish and firm hold.

The Quiff

Few styles are as iconic as the quiff, making it a great alternative to pompadour for men seeking something more casual and contemporary. To achieve the perfect look, speak to your barber about a short back and sides with length left on top. Make sure that all details of what you want are communicated so nothing gets misconstrued between layperson’s terms and barber jargon – Pinterest can help by providing a visual of all of the styles that inspire you so they can show it directly to their barber before any clippers touch your scalp! Try using high-shine pomade or hair gel to create a sleek and polished quiff. For an earthier and rugged finish, go for matte styling paste or wax.

The Slicked-Back

Men’s hairstyles these days are all about texture. For an approachable and modern style with just the right amount of grunge, try slicking back a medium-length haircut in a slicked-back manner with an unbrushed back finish paired with either a high fade or lower skin fade and beards. This style can add a modern edge to the timeless pompadour look, particularly on those with shorter sides than the top. For an effortlessly wet look, use some hairspray like Color Wow’s Pop