How to Style a Picture of Dreads

When it comes to dreads, thick and full are vital characteristics that you want them to possess. This jumbo braid style offers the ideal way to display them stylishly.

Not all dread styles need to be bold or daring; this delicate yet sophisticated dread style is feminine and understated, perfect for pairing with soft makeup for an understated feminine finish.

Top knot

If you’re searching for an approachable yet fashionable style that combines function with fashion, consider creating a top knot out of dreadlocks. It is stylish and provides relief by keeping hair off your face and neck; it protects dreads from damage while maintaining their polished appearance – plus, beardless men can enjoy wearing this look too!

Symmetrical Side-Swept Ponytail

Men with dreads often opt for the symmetrical side-swept ponytail as an elegant but casual option, which creates an appealing balance. Easy to maintain and add some color for an eye-catching finish!

Tapered Dreads Hairstyle

The tapered Dreads Hairstyle is another interesting take on the dreadlocks hairstyle. This unique hairstyle combines elements from sharp cuts and dreadlocks to appeal to darker-skinned people, adding masculinity with beard addition.

Space buns

For an effortless casual style, loosely-pinned space buns offer the perfect simple style. Ideal if you have corkscrew curls that you want to show off; use bobby pins to secure the buns in place, and you’re good to go. This look works equally well during casual outings as it does work-related duties!

Dreads Updo with Face-Framing Tendrils

This style is ideal for those who are shy about rocking dreads to the office. Unlike other braided styles, this dreads updo features face-framing tendrils highlighting your neck’s slim silhouette. Plus, it makes an adorable choice for casual outings with friends!

Colorful Double Space Bun Hairdo

If you’re searching for a fun and trendy way to style your dreadlocks, try something colorful! This double-space bun hairdo features a rainbow-hued color that stands out. Wavy locks with thick twisty bangs make this hairstyle eye-catching; use the balayage technique or ombre highlights to achieve this style for the perfect statement look! It will show off your unique personality and make an impression statement!

Medium Length Dreadlocks with a Classic Pull-Back Knot

A classic pull-back knot is an eye-catching style to make long dreads even more stylish. Easy and neat, the knot is an excellent way to show off long locs. Combined with fades for street style appeal, that will get many likes on Instagram.

Trendy Hairstyle for Medium-Length Dreadlocks

If you have medium-length dreadlocks, consider trying this trendy hairstyle. It is an effective way of increasing versatility while decreasing styling time daily; plus, it can work for light and dark hair colors!

White Men with Dreadlocks and a Coarse Beard

This look is ideal for white men looking to show off their dreadlocks. Complement it with a coarse beard for added style and ruggedness – an eye-catching yet subtle ensemble, suitable for casual and formal events.

Boho Style with Short Dreads in a Half-Up Bun

Dreadlocks may be associated with hippie-esque styles, but they can look refined when worn elegantly. Take this man’s short dreads tied into a half-up bun for an elegant style that draws the eye upward and makes a good choice for men with prominent eyebrows or full eyes.

Basket Weave Braided Dreads

Braiding them into a basket weave is another effective way of sporting dreads and creating a stunning style statement. While this look requires more time and patience to master than its mohawk predecessors, its results compensate for their complexity by giving an on-trend and stylish appearance – you could even dye your dreads to add more color!

Fades with Dreads for Formal Occasions

An increasingly trendy look for formal occasions is to add fades to your dreads, making a statement while remaining easy to maintain with regular grooming. This trend is seen on the red carpet and creates an elegant impression at any formal gathering. This style explicitly tailored to each personality makes maintenance quick and painless!