hair1. Black and Blonde

Melanie Martinez is an award-winning singer/songwriter who gained recognition on NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ She is known for using social media like TikTok to connect with fans. Throughout her career, she has experimented with different hair colors, from black to blonde. She has even worn a half-black and half-blonde wig inspired by the character Cruella de Vil.

2. Black and Pink

Melanie Martinez’s music appeals to a specific audience and combines childish imagery with adult themes. Her unique fashion style, known as pastel Goth, encourages individuality and self-expression. Her distinctive hair, which alternates between black and pastel tones, complements her music perfectly. She often adds silver or pink hair pieces for added effect.

3. Black and Blue

Melanie Martinez’s hair is a perfect representation of the Pastel Goth style. She embraces the half-black and half-blonde look, incorporating pastel colors into her hair. Her makeup choices, including dark eyeshadows, further enhance her light and dark aesthetic. She also takes pride in the gap between teeth, seeing it as a unique beauty feature.

4. Black and Silver

Melanie Martinez’s hair features black locks with silver streaks and wavy curls. Her distinctive look, which includes her gap teeth, contributes to her brand. She has a unique face, with large doe eyes and slightly separated buck teeth, that sets her apart from other artists. Her style combines soft pastel hues with dark elements, embodying the Pastel Goth subculture.