hairhair5 Cute Medium Wispy Haircuts

Get a cute look with side bangs and a layered medium hairstyle. The pastel pink shade will flatteringly add volume to your locks!

Create a casual side part in your wavy blonde bob with ash-brown highlights

Allow soft romantic strands to cascade down your shoulders in texturized waves and wispy ends for an elegant style that works for any special event or function. This versatile look can be worn to any position with ease!

Short Wispy Bob

A cute short bob haircut is ideal for curly or wavy locks, helping create volume and texture while also helping manage thick hair. This sun-kissed blonde balayage gives this sun-kissed chin-length bob an elevated crown effect with shorter layers in the back for extra lift.

For an elegant style, consult with your stylist on creating a cropped square bob with face-framing wispy bangs

It is an enduring classic style and simple to maintain with regular trimmings.

Wispy Long Bob

Long wispy bobs are ideal for women with fine hair as it makes their strands appear thicker. Additionally, this versatile look can be styled in various ways, including straight across or side-swept bangs that frame your face or curtain bangs with one middle parting and two separate sections that sweep off either side of your cheekbones, preparing them for an exquisite feminine look. Furthermore, this style can be enhanced with blonde-hued locks.

Wispy Short Bob

A classic and stylish short bob with wispy bangs can be easily managed, making this style smart yet simple. Ask your stylist to add soft texture and layered strands that frame your face for this style. This short rounded bob is ideal for enhancing wavy hair by adding volume. Additionally, its texturized style adds an edgy element that is great for adding an edge. You may tuck the longer side behind the ear on certain days to avoid a messy front.

Wispy Medium-Length Bob

Attain a modern Rachel from Friends vibe with this mid-length bob hairstyle. The golden blonde locks have been styled into soft waves to achieve a luxurious and elegant appearance. An inverted medium-length bob with face-framing bangs is an effective way to add dimension and balance thin hair. A smoky brown balayage adds extra depth and dimension. This adorable bob features bright pink roots, gradually transitioning into vibrant peach waves for an exquisite appearance. The soft texture adds a smooth surface and gives a fantastic melting effect!

Wispy Medium-Length Layered Bob

This adorable layered bob is ideal for those seeking volume without compromising length. Achieve an attractive feminine, and stylish look by styling the strands into a deep side part with wispy bangs for maximum effect. Add an edge to your layered bob with thin asymmetrical strands and a dark shade, perfect for women wishing to showcase tattoos while remaining fashionable. Face-framing layers add movement while counteracting any angular features of their jawline.

Wispy Medium-Length Layered Waves

Wavy medium-length hairstyles are gorgeous when they feature layers, adding volume and movement to your style. Layered locks feature light yet airy textures, which help create a book in this look. Enjoy your natural waves with this charming shoulder-length wavy shag featuring side-swept bangs and a choppy crown, accented with dramatic ash-brown highlights for added drama. This style exudes effortless chic! You may also use texturizing products to help make the waves more structured.

Wispy Medium-Length Layered Hairstyle

If your hair naturally waves, try opting for a medium-length layered haircut with internal and external texturizing cuts that accentuate them. This style will bring out your natural waves while giving your locks soft, airy movement without weight or frizz. Layer a shoulder-grazing shag with face-framing bangs for a smooth and feminine look. The angled layers will draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. This stunning, layered hairstyle looks gorgeous in autumn tones, featuring a dark layered shag with long curtain bangs to give an eye-catching and striking appearance.