125+ Long Hairstyles For Men Ideas That Are Perfect

If you have long hair, you have lots of options. From curly styles to disheveled styles, you can find the perfect Hairstyle for your face shape. Here are a few styles to try out. These styles will give your face a unique look, and will show off your natural features.

Side part hairstyles

A side part Hairstyle is a great choice for any man who wants a sleek and stylish look. This style is versatile, and can be worn with any hair type. It is especially flattering for men who have wavy or curly Hair. It can be worn with preppy ensembles or sweater vests.

Men can use hair gel or pomade to define a side part. They can also use hair wax to give the Hair a textured look. A blow dryer on low heat is also a great styling tool for men who want to add texture to their hair. You can also use your fingers to separate the strands of Hair for an even look. It is important to choose the correct product for the style.

A side part haircut is an easy style to achieve and has a classic appeal. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much styling, but it does add texture and structure. It can also be worn as a second-day hairstyle if you use dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil and add volume. Side part hairstyles for men are perfect for special events, including red carpet events. These Haircuts are also great for busy men who want to look stylish while working.

When choosing a side part hairstyle, you’ll want to consider how your hair grows. How you part your hair is an important consideration, and it will depend on your face shape and hair texture. It is also important to consider your cowlick. If it runs clockwise, you should part it on the left side; if it is anti-clockwise, it should be parted on the right side.

Curled hairstyles

A curly hairstyle looks great on men with oval or round faces. It can also look great with a formal shirt. This style is suitable for evening parties and dinner events. It can be worn for all seasons and can suit any face shape. It is easy to manage and can be worn by men of any age.

A haircut that features layers and a textured undercut is an effective solution for men with long curly hair. This style maintains the kinks in check and creates a clean appearance. The cut also opens up styling options. To make the hair look even more sexy, you can add various tapers to the hair. Alternatively, you can simply leave the hair to fall naturally.

Curly hairstyles for men with long hair are easy to maintain, but they aren’t always as easy to style as straight or wavy hairstyles. To get the best out of your curls, shampoo it every two to three days with a quality shampoo and conditioner. You can also apply a moisturising conditioner after every wash to reduce frizz. A deep conditioning treatment at least twice a month can also reduce the damage caused by brushing.

Curled hairstyles for men with long locks can be very cute and sophisticated if they are styled properly. You can also use an asymmetrical fringe to enhance your face shape and draw attention away from flaws. It is also an excellent style for a formal occasion.

For a bouncy look, you can use a salt spray. It gives the hair a matte, bouncy finish. The salt spray should be applied to damp or dry hair with fingertips. You can then scrunch it around your head. Remember that it’s all about texture. A lackluster look can result from over-washing and daily shampooing.

Disheveled hairstyles

Disheveled long hairstyles for guys should look natural and masculine, without being overly manicured or permed. Men can also opt for matted styles, or tie them back with a tie. These styles can exude a sense of boldness and sharpness.

The most important thing to consider when trying to achieve this look is whether you have naturally curly or wavy hair. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this style is a lot easier to pull off. If you have straight hair, you may have to use styling mousse or a hairdryer to make it look more natural. Using a styling product and scrunching the ends of your hair will make your look more akin to a beachy look.


If you’re a man with long hair, there are many styles of updo you can try. Some of the most popular men’s updos include man buns and ponytails. Others include man braids and dreadlocks. There’s no one right way to wear an updo, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

One of the easiest updos for men with long hair is the low ponytail. This style is easy to achieve and only requires a little gel. The gel will help de-frizz your hair and tame unruly wisps. You can also add some shine with a hair product. This style is for the adventurous man with long hair who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Another popular men’s updo is the man bun, which is a relaxed version of a top knot. It looks great on men with long, flowing manes. Alternatively, you can style your hair into a looser top knot and spray the remaining hair with sea salt to add texture and volume. This is one of the hippest updos for men with long hair right now.

Shoulder-length hairstyles

Shoulder-length hairstyles for men can be flattering and modern. They can be messy or neat, and look particularly good on men with square jaws. Shoulder-length hair can be parted in several different ways and brushed back neatly. Many celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, have sported this look in the past.

Shoulder-length hairstyles are perfect for both thin and thick hair. Clean your hair thoroughly before styling it. Use the right shampoo and conditioner to create a healthy-looking mane. Then, apply a small amount of pomade and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. Once you’ve done this, blow-dry your hair. Clean hair gives you a polished, well-maintained look.

This style is best suited for men in their 30s. This style works well with formal or casual attire and goes well with most face shapes. This style also goes well with all hair types, including curly. It’s perfect for any occasion, including formal events or work parties.

Shoulder-length hairstyles for men are versatile and can be worn during any season. These haircuts are ideal for men with round faces and silky hair. These haircuts can also be enhanced with highlights or streaks. A shoulder-length hairstyle will suit men of all ages and hair types, and can complement a variety of styles.

Long Hairstyles Men Can Choose

There are several long hairstyles men can choose. Some examples are Keanu Reeves, David Beckham, and Harry Styles. Other examples include El Rubio and Harry Styles. These men have all walked the walk and have great hairstyles. But how can you pick the perfect one? There are many factors to consider.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the most well-known actors in the world. His role as Neo in The Matrix is one of the most recognizable in film history. While he is known for his tough guy roles, he has also starred in several romantic movies, such as the acclaimed Sweet November.

Reeves first started sporting long hair as a teenager. It became his signature style, and was a representation of his rebellious and artistic self. During his teenage years, Keanu was a bass player for the grunge band Dogstar. The group had a global audience, released several albums and eventually disbanded.

While Reeves has sported many different hairstyles over the years, his long hairstyles are one of his trademark looks. This style is easy to manage and requires little product. Straight hair works best with this style, but those with curly hair can still achieve the same look by taking steps to cut and style their locks.

John Wick is a great example of the actor sporting long hairstyles. In his first movie, his hair is about 5 inches on top and around seven to eight inches on the sides and back. In the second film, he grows his hair out 0.5 to one inch longer.

El Rubio

Long hairstyles for men are a great way to show off your unique style. The key is to keep it natural and avoid looking overly feminine. To avoid looking overly groomed, choose a style that is matted and not too permed. These hairstyles can exude a sense of sharpness and boldness.

This long textured cut is a great way to project a rugged, confident masculinity. The shape is long but doesn’t stray into wizard territory. It’s a cut that’s meant to look a little messy, but is also carefully planned and styled. El Rubio’s hairstyle makes him look sexy and edgy. This style is also very flattering on men with heart-shaped faces.

Creating a man bun

Creating a man bun is an easy way to add texture to your hair. It’s particularly easy to achieve if you have layered or curly hair. You can leave some loose strands all over, then tie up the rest of it to create a messy bun. You can also opt for a high-rise man bun that will draw attention and work well with other hairstyles.

If you have long hair, the first step is to cut it. For a high-quality result, you should use scissors to cut your hair. You can also use a clipper to cut your hair into a bob. However, if you have thin hair, you should cut it to a shorter length. Once you’ve cut your hair, you can start creating a man bun.

The next step is to wash and dry your hair. Hair that is freshly washed will not hold up as well as hair that has been washed for a few days. You can use dry shampoo to help preserve the natural oils and grease from your hair. This will make your hair look clean and fresh, but not greasy.

Another option for creating a man bun with long hairstyles is a half-up, half-down man bun. This simple look works well on guys with long hair or medium-length hair. First, you need to part your hair horizontally, and then draw the hair toward the back of your head. Next, secure the top half of the hair into a bun, leaving the rest flowing down the back.