5 Stylish Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Low Fade and Brushed Up Cape of Hair

Combining a low fade and a brushed-up hair cape can create an eye-catching hairstyle for men with medium-length hair.

Soft Pompadour

For a more classic look, consider opting for a soft pompadour hairstyle. Use hair clay or pomade to add texture and hold.

Taper Fade

A taper fade is a stylish and versatile haircut choice for men with thick hair. It can be easily styled at home with the product.


The pompadour hairstyle is ideal for men who prefer casual looks. The sides and back should be skin-faded or tapered, while the top remains short with short bangs that slick the back.

Bro Flow

The bro flow is a popular medium hairstyle for men. It works well with both straight and curly locks and can be styled using various products.

Razored Shag

The razored shag hairstyle features choppy layers for added volume and movement. It works exceptionally well for men with naturally textured hair.

Long Bob

Long bob hairstyles can be very romantic for men with wavy locks. Styling options include a side part or adding a bold line shaved along one side of the head.

Half-Man Bun

The half-man bun style is perfect for men with medium hair who prefer a low-maintenance look. Sweep the front of the hair to one side and use styling products for shine.