Highlights For Medium Light Brown Hair

Nothing adds life and shine to medium brown locks like blonde or copper highlights, adding dimension without ultimately lightening their shade. Contrasting with full bleach, highlights, and lowlights are applied in smaller sections for a more natural result. Mix warm and cool tones to achieve a stunning balayage style color transition!

Ashen Highlights

Ash brown highlights can add a distinct look to medium-light brown hair. This cool-toned hue works beautifully with warm and neutral skin tones; when combined with blonde shades, it creates an eye-catching, natural, sun-kissed effect. If you want to experiment with the ash brown trend without abandoning your honey highlights, opt for this Alessandra Ambrosio-approved look. Ask your stylist to place golden streaks around your face to keep from looking washed-out before adding a few ash-brown highlights throughout your hair. Coppers and warm honey shades tend to fade quickly. At the same time, ashen blondes and browns can be easily maintained with regular usage of a clarifying shampoo and avoiding excessive styling to reduce brassiness.


Contrary to foil highlights, balayage involves freehand painting onto individual strands of your hair for an ombre-esque sun-kissed effect. Color saturation increases at the roots before becoming gradually lighter down your strands for an authentic sun-kissed effect that lasts much longer. Furthermore, foiled highlights typically require touchups every month or two; with balayage, you only have to touch up once every few months! Cool blonde balayage goes perfectly with ash-brown hair for a California girl-next-door vibe. It works just as well on curly or straight locks and will complement most skin tones. Platinum blonde balayage makes an eye-catching statement on dark brown locks, offering a dramatic transformation without damaging or frequent root touchups. Try pairing it with a choppy bob for an effortlessly chic style sure to turn heads!

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights make an aesthetically pleasing accent to wavy or curly brown locks, creating an eye-catching contrast and accentuating their beauty. Caramel highlights also work beautifully when added asymmetrically. Your stylist can add caramel highlights this way for a unique and stunning style! Caramel highlights with darker lowlights can help enhance the brightness of brown locks. This color combination offers the ideal blend of light and dark tones that works particularly well on medium skin tones. Get this style by asking your stylist to French plait your strands or at home using a highlighting kit. If you have a curtain bang, ask them to add caramel highlights near your face for added framing effect.

Subtle Highlights

Brown hair can benefit from subtle highlights to lighten its natural hue, with lighter tones offering excellent contrast while darker shades provide more realistic results. Caramel highlights are an elegant choice to enhance a medium-light brown mane. For something less obvious and subtler, thin streaks of baby lights that blend into your locks may create an eye-catching romantic effect that requires less maintenance. Red highlights are an eye-catching way to instantly transform brown waves’ appearance. Choose a muted shade for subtle warmth or bold strawberry blonde highlights to show off your eccentric personality!

Natural Highlights

If you have medium light brown hair and aren’t ready to jump to blonde, consider asking your stylist for thin highlights instead of going blond. Delicate highlights can be added throughout or focused around your features for framing purposes – with both ash and caramel hues mixed, creating a naturally flattering finish that works on all complexions. If you have dark olive skin with warm undertones and prefer natural-looking highlights, golden or honey shades may be best. Their warmer tones will complement your natural hue more naturally than a lighter tone that could stand out against it. If you want something bolder, bright red streaks in your hair make for a statement-making look, wildly when styled with modern loose waves.