Protective Hairstyles For Poofy Hair

Poofy Hair

Poofy hair adds volume and texture to your look but can become unruly and frizzy after showering. Dehydration from washing with hot water strips away natural oils and leaves hair vulnerable to drying out.


Cornrows are low-maintenance and can last for weeks with minimal upkeep. They protect hair from heat-styling and chemical damage. Cornrows have become popular among black women and men, with celebrities like Alicia Keys and Beyonce sporting this look. Cornrows are braided, not mistaken for dreadlocks.

Box Braids

Box braids are ideal for thick or coarse hair textures and can be accessorized with beads or colored thread. This protective hairstyle originated in Africa and has been adopted by celebrities like Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Proper care, including regular washing with quality products, is essential to maintain healthy braids.

High Ponytail

A classic high ponytail is a timeless and chic hairstyle. It can conceal second-day hair and works well on any hair type. Hydrating hairspray with medium hold and a teasing brush can naturally control flyaways and add volume. Adding a soft side bang can enhance the elegance of the ponytail for special events.

Wet Look

Wet looks are versatile and suitable for any formal setting. This style leaves a shiny, voluminous finish and can be achieved on any hair length. To complete the wet look, apply gel, wax, or pomade to damp hair and comb it back. Choosing styling products with natural oils will add shine and provide health benefits to your locks.

Bubble Braid

Bubble braids are eye-catching and suitable for various hair textures, particularly wavy and curly locks. They help tame and add volume to the hair. This style is perfect for festivals and parties. Start with a low ponytail, add elastics along the tail line at regular intervals, and pull apart the sections for a bubble effect. Secure the look with styling hairspray to maintain its appearance throughout the day.