Medium Length Summer Hair Colors

Add an eye-catching summer look with this luxurious chestnut brown hue, perfect for brunettes. A soft-painted ombre and strategically placed balayage provide this polished and delicate style.

Radiant Copper Hue for Dark Hair

This radiant copper hue brings life and vibrancy to dark hair and compliments morena skin tones beautifully. Keep its vibrant shade alive with regular treatments incorporating UV protection.

Warm Blonde Shades

Warm blonde shades add softness to your look without creating contrast as their icy counterparts, making it perfect for medium complexions while complementing almost every eye color. Reese Witherspoon perfectly captures this silky pinkish hue, featuring subtle buttery and honey tones in her look. For a rich, seductive style, consider strawberry balayage, which combines warm blonde highlights and dark roots for an easy summer medley effect. It provides a natural-looking low-commitment blonde that’s easy to maintain.

Light Golden Blonde

Golden blonde can highlight your best features and complement your skin tone beautifully, and dark-skinned celebrities such as Beyonce have proven that it doesn’t just belong on light complexions! Combine caramel balayage with curtain bangs for an eye-catching summer look! This warm brown shade also offers more golden highlights without going platinum! This cool-toned blonde looks stunning against medium to dark brown strands, creating an upscale and more seductive appearance than its warm-toned counterparts.

Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is an elegant shade that complements medium skin tones and light eye colors beautifully and works well with most hair textures. Dark blonde is an ideal shade to take your hair color to the next level this summer. This sultry hue works wonders with curly and wavy locks and pairs beautifully with shaggy bobs or messy buns for a chic finish. If you prefer something more accessible on the maintenance front, the strawberry blonde could be just what’s needed. Its cool-toned hue blends effortlessly with natural brown roots while providing ample coverage of gray regrowth. It is an ideal choice for women with gray hair who wish to keep up their appearance with less maintenance required!

Golden Brown Balayage

Brown hair colors can be breathtaking when they mimic how sunlight illuminates your locks, giving them the same sun-kissed hue without needing an extensive dye job. A golden brown balayage will do just this for your locks, providing that sun-kissed look without comprehensive chemical treatment. Brown balayage is ideal for brunettes looking to add light, soft highlights to their brunette base. This technique uses hand painting to blend warm and neutral tones together into an authentic sun-kissed effect that looks natural. Copper brown balayage looks lovely against olive complexions. The elegant color can easily be maintained using regular toners and glosses; its rich hue looks stunning with various hairstyles, from long waves to messy buns!

Face-Framing Layers

Face framing layers are a timeless yet classic trend in hair styling, which, when done right, can reshape the face, bring out cheekbones, and remove weight from ends. Additionally, they look good on all lengths, textures, and mugs! A sleek bob with face-framing layers looks sophisticated and polished, and is best suited to ladies who can dedicate themselves to styling their hair daily. Otherwise, this look risks looking disorganized and chaotic. Light blonde hues bring out the detail in framed strands even further, so consider bleaching blonde or adding highlights with shades lighter than your natural hue to increase their impact.

Ash Gray

Ash gray hair color is an elegant summer brunette look, providing sophisticated yet subtle coverage against premature graying without appearing overly bleached and damaged. Wear a deep fuchsia base with highlights of blush and coral for an eye-catching, multidimensional effect this summer! This color works exceptionally well when worn with pixie cuts, bobs, or fringes. Transitioning from ash blonde to a lighter ash grey shade will be much smoother if you already have an existing hue of this tone. A purple shampoo will help prolong your ash blonde shade and shield strands against brassy tones or fade.