Black People With Red Hair

Did you know there are black people with red hair who identify as biracial? Many such cases exist!

Red hair can be caused by a gene mutation known as MC1R. This gene regulates the ratio and amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin, which are responsible for creating skin tone and hair color in people.

Black people with red hair typically trace their heritage back to Northern or Southern Europe. However, some do not possess any such background and have this unusual hair color due to albinism or other genetic conditions.

Box Braids

Box braids are a trendy hairstyle worn by black people with red hair. This hairstyle provides length and volume while protecting the scalp from breakage, typically using synthetic extensions for maximum effect, but it can also be achieved using natural locks.

Whatever box braids you opt for, ensure that after washing, you use detangling spray or conditioner to avoid buildup and matting of knots in the weave.

Try different variations of traditional looks like knotless braids, ombre braiding hair, or even blonde box braids – but consult a stylist first, as these styles can take time and should only be attempted by professionals.

Women with shorter locks often opt for bob block braids to show off their red locks and highlight them. These braids can be pulled back, parted sideways, or partitioned for a unique style.

Hi-Top Fade

The hi-top fade style was popular among Black men during Hip Hop’s golden age in the 80s and 90s. Emcees like Eric B