Medium Length Shag Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles can be an excellent solution for those with thin locks, as they add volume without too much length. Furthermore, this chic look requires minimal upkeep.

This shaggy style features angled bangs and jagged layers

This shaggy style features face-framing angled bangs combined with choppy jagged layers for an attractive, casual haircut that suits most face shapes.

Layers and Curls

Medium shag cuts are one of the easiest hairstyles to style, perfect for almost every face shape. A few razored layers give this blonde style its classic rocker aesthetic while remaining low maintenance and feminine. If you have extra length in the crown area, tease up extra hair to add volume.

Soft and airy medium shags look stunning when styled with styling gel or product to smooth back into tight waves or left naturally falling into loose waves. Their light wedge-shaped layers highlight both jawlines and eyes for an appealing effect.

Curly and wavy medium shags can look absolutely beautiful when feathered to create an inverted V shape and make for an excellent style to pair with side-swept bangs that caress the forehead. This look suits most women with medium-length hair.

Chestnut hair Color

A wavy balayage shag with chestnut highlights showcases this medium length’s natural volume and texture. Longer layers at the crown help define the facial structure, while shorter front layers add texturized contrast for added visual interest.

The shag’s layered appearance complements all hair colors but is particularly flattering on women with light or light-brown strands. This creates an effortless youthfulness that’s easy to manage while making their face appear more prominent.

If you’re searching for an updated take on classic shag hair, try this shoulder-length bob with face-framing layers that flip in and out to frame your face and add dimension. Perfect for busy moms on the go who require stylish but low-maintenance looks!

Razored Layers

No matter your style – from Brigitte Bardot to 1970s rockers – shag haircuts offer chic yet easy style solutions. Medium-length hair works best as its choppy layers create volume and texture to complement every face shape. Add vibrant hues for an eye-catching pop, or keep things natural for an easy romantic vibe.

Shoulder-length shags with heavy curtain bangs work well with most hair textures and face shapes. Their piece’s fringes can be styled either to one side for a subtle peek-a-boo effect, or left framing your forehead gently. For an edgier twist, try dying your shag a vibrant orange hue for added drama – this style also works for those with wavy hair who worry that too many layers might weigh down their locks!

Messy Layers

Shoulder-length shag haircuts with messy layers strike an elegant balance between casual and edgy while exuding feminine charm. Choppy layers add volume, while the face-framing fringe accentuates vital features, including eyes and cheekbones. For added polish, consider investing in an all-in-one hair product like Sexyhair Wet Fix and Chill All-Style Dry Creme ($23).

Medium shag cuts are perfect for those who don’t want a full fringe but still desire layers and feathered ends that flip out, adding dimension and style. They also look fantastic with two-tone hair colors like Kerry Washington’s honey dimensional blend!

Feathered Ends

Feathered ends are an effective way to add movement and volume to medium shag hairstyles, giving them more dimension while creating soft femininity or a rocker attitude, depending on your choice of face-framing fringe.

With the right face shape and skin tone, a shoulder-length cascade of messy curlicues looks beautiful in a bronde medium shag. This shade of blonde makes the hair appear lighter while emphasizing its texture beautifully.

Make the textured look of a medium shag even more impactful by giving it two-tone highlights. This approach makes maintenance effortless while looking fantastic on any hair texture or hue, including warm chestnut.