Medium Length Sides


Medium Length Sides are also referred to as shags. These types of styles are the preferred styles for many women today and you can do them in a number of ways depending on your own preferences and tastes. For example you may decide to do your medium length shag styles the “Americanized” way, by cutting the sides short and leaving the top long and loose, which means it hangs just over the eyes. Some women may even choose to leave their hair a little longer and tie it in a bun or ponytail to create a more modern hairdo. There are many creative, vintage, and cutting edge styles that you can achieve with medium length shag styles. Here are some of the top inspiring ideas for medium length shag styles.

When you’re looking for a medium length style there are a few styles that will work great for you. If you have long hair then the classic up do is a great option, and if you have short hair then this style might suit you best. You can achieve either of these looks using a number of medium length styles that are currently trendy and look great on many people. Some styles are better suited to different facial shapes, so it’s worth taking a look at what styles would work best with your face. If you have medium length hair but are confused as to which style is best suited to you then check out our picks for the top medium length styles!

Shag styles are good for everyday or casual looks. Medium length styles are great to get a little extra oomph when you step outside the house. It can give you the look of being dressed down or dressed up. Medium length styles are best for those with medium or fine hair and a few products to apply. Here are some good ideas for how to apply the perfect look with your medium length hair: