Cute Natural Black Girl Hair Styles

Black girls are taking advantage of the Natural hair Movement to grow their locks naturally and maintain gorgeous locks through Natural Hair products and techniques. From cornrows and coils, to fros and braids – there are various stunning ways to style it all beautifully!

A sleek back bun is always stylish for any special event, and Yara Shahidi complemented hers with a red lip for maximum impact.

Coils with Blonde Tips

Cute hairstyles for black girls don’t always need to involve braids – this cute natural black girl hair style combines a tapered cut with long side tendrils that frame the face for a look that is both modern and timeless.

Are you searching for a way to give short natural hair more dimension? Try this stunning caramel blonde shade; its rich hues provide the ideal foundation for framing a dark complexion and make Black women shine brightly!

If your teenage client has been reluctant to go short, she may be delighted by how adaptable her curls can be. This charming hairstyle for black teenage girl combines a textured pixie cut with flat twists that fall toward the center of her face and random colored streaks for added flare – such as using specially blended dyes designed for curly textures that provide multidimensional highlights across skin tones including reds and pinks!

Natural Curls with a Side Part

Maintaining hair trends for your daughter may feel like an effort, but this collection of natural black girl hair styles will make keeping up with her hair trends an effortless process.

No matter whether your daughter has short or long 3B locks, these cute ideas will help her express herself through her style. A side part can draw attention to voluminous curls around her face; or rock a half-up top knot with braided twists for an eye-catching and fun style!

If your daughter wants a shorter tapered cut, this adorable honey blonde pixie will show off her beautiful locks beautifully. Or have her visit the salon and ask for this stylish bob with curly bangs that frame her forehead for an easy style that she can rock at school or the office!

Dark Tapered Fro

Add drama and texture to your natural black hair style with this dark tapered fro. Its tomboyish style features trimmed sides and triangular sideburns for an eye-catching contrast with its poofy ringlets on top. Keep strands moisturized with leave-in conditioner, and use a curl sponge for the look you desire.

If your teenage daughter has long natural kinks or curls, this protective style may be perfect. It will keep her strands healthy while giving them plenty of texture and bounce – not to mention thick bronze curls that frame her face beautifully! Just be sure to use humidity-resistant products so her strands retain their shape and shine.

If you want your teenage daughter to stand out in a crowd, try this eye-catching hue. This brown-red shade complements all skin tones and will look lovely against her textured locks. Additionally, use lighter dye on her ends for touch-ups!

Mini Puff

Mini puff hair styles offer a stylish alternative to the classic bun. When worn correctly, this classic stately style makes a girl appear like royalty while protecting her strands from moisture loss and environmental damage. When combined with twists or braids, the mini puff makes an outstanding ensemble!

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