Medium Length Lob Hairstyles For Women

The lob is a versatile hairstyle that flatters all facial structures and hair textures. Straight lobs create a structured look, while wavy ones add movement.

Add Bangs or Slick Back for Style

You can add bangs to your lob for a peek-a-boo effect or slick back your locks for a professional and chic style.

Shoulder Length Lob Haircuts

Shoulder-length lobs complement all face shapes when cut correctly. It’s a tremendous medium-length haircut for color, texture, layers, and angle customization.

Possible Customizations

You can add thin highlights with a balayage for a natural-looking ombre effect. This style works well with choppy locks. Try a side-part lob with full bangs if you have naturally curly hair. A silver lob combined with beachy waves creates an eye-catching finish. Accessorize with hair pins or headbands for a formal touch.

Middle Part Lobs

The lob strikes a balance between short hair and long locks. It offers a more straightforward style without committing to a full bob cut. It can be tailored to meet individual requirements, with options for blunt cuts, layers, messy bangs, or asymmetrical textures.

Straight or Wavy Lobs

Straight, blunt lobs look sophisticated, while wavy lobs with deep side parts are more modern and trendy. Balayage highlights add beachy vibes and volume to your lob.

Slicked Back Lobs

Slicked-back lobs are an elegant choice for effortless elegance. They draw attention to your face and cheekbones while adding length. Adding shine serum keeps your strands smooth and polished.

Adding Sweeping Bangs

Consider adding sweeping bangs to frame and soften features. This works well for both straight and wavy lob hairstyles. For a creative look, dye your lob multiple colors or try rainbow or ombre techniques.

Long Lob Haircuts

The lob works with all hair textures, especially wavy or curly locks. The angled cut frames the face beautifully. Style it straight for a structured appearance, or layer it for a ’90s grunge aesthetic.

Enhancing Volume and Dimension

For fine hair, opt for layers and light-catching bleached finishes to add volume and dimension. For thick locks, consider a deep side parting and curtain bangs for added depth.

Funky Flair with Rainbow Highlights

Add some personality to your bob with rainbow highlights. This eye-catching statement piece can refresh your look without cutting too short. It’s a great way to showcase your individuality and personal style.