Hair Color Trends For Brunettes – Mocha Brown hair Color


Brunettes make waves in a hair color world dominated by blondes and redheads with lush mocha brown hues, adding warmth and depth to their locks from sleek blowouts to voluminous waves and beyond. Mocha brown hair color trends include creating natural-looking ombre effects or the fashionable money piece style.

Favorite Ways to Try the Mocha Brown Trend

Chestnut: An eye-catching variation of brown hair color, flattering on brunettes with warm skin tones. Perfect for balayage highlights, adding chunky money piece highlights for natural wave or curl patterns and a pop of color to the eyes.

Caramel Mocha: A lighter shade of caramel mocha that gives your locks a rich, sun-kissed effect. Works well across skin tones and hair types, especially appealing to fair skin tones looking to add warmth.

Espresso: The latest hue to add a glossy shine to dark hair. Compliments all skin tones, with warmer undertones incredibly flattering for warmer complexions.

Honey: A trend in mocha brown hues for the summer. Effortlessly flaunted by Bella Hadid, this look is perfect through to fall. Choose the ideal shade based on your complexion and consider warmer or cooler tones.

Cinnamon is a stand-out shade that has become popular on celebs and runways for the fall season. Ideal for warm skin tones, it looks great with chocolate highlights or subtle lowlights. Lily Collins and Maggie Gyllenhaal style it with an ombre or balayage look.

Walnut: A warm chestnut hue that complements warm skin tones. Works well with different hairstyles, from sleek blowouts to loose and textured waves. Excellent mocha brown hair looks stunning on black women, brightening their complexion without looking brassy or orange.

Styling Tips and Recommendations

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