The Beauty of Brown Eyes

Eyes are windows into our souls, so it is no surprise that they’re among the first things people notice about you. Brown eyes range from deep chocolate hues to forest green hues flecked with gold or red pigmentation – and everyone takes notice!

Iris Color

Iris colors typically fall into three categories: blue, green/hazel, or brown, depending on the storage of melanin pigment in its cells.


More than 50% of people worldwide possess brown eyes – the most prevalent eye color worldwide. Eye color is determined by genetic factors controlling melanin production; OCA2 gene variations also influence iris thickness and how much light reflects from it.


Eyelashes add drama and interest to any pair of eyes, from dark to light in hue, with longer eyelashes on one side than another, depending on genetics and environment. They may even shorten as we age due to melanin production decrease.