Hairstyles With Color For Black Women

Hair colors for Black women can range from bold to subdued, offering styles suitable for every complexion and occasion. These eye-catching hues will undoubtedly turn heads and add flair.

Jaw-Grazing Bob with Soft Ash Brown Shade

Try a jaw-grazing bob with bangs in a soft ash-brown shade. This style will add depth and dimension, perfect for ladies with either straight or wavy locks who wish to add volume!

Rose Gold Balayage

Balayage could be a great solution if you want a rose gold hair color that won’t change your natural shade too drastically. This technique leaves roots dark and realistic for faster growing out without over-processing or becoming over-dyed. Dark roots can also help soften pink and purple tones, particularly on black women who tend towards bright tones.

Chestnut Brown Rose Gold

Rose Gold can also be an elegant choice and can work on virtually any hair length. Just ensure to use a deep conditioning treatment before coloring; this will prevent dryness and brittle ends while making this style particularly lovely when worn with faux locs.

Dark Purple Hues

Dark purple hues look especially striking on black hair with naturally straight locks, particularly if it has natural waves. One great way to achieve this look is with face-framing layers and purple highlights in face-framing layers; this accentuates your features and makes you appear beautiful. Additionally, highlights can help enhance natural wavy locks so they stand out.

Regal Fulani Braids

Be regal and exude confidence and style with dark purple Fulani braids that exude confidence and style. Combining black hair with this captivating hue accentuates your heritage and celebrates its beauty.

High Ponytail with Purple Highlights

Another stylish and elegant style for formal events is a high ponytail with purple highlights on black hair. This look creates a sophisticated, polished appearance, while the pops of purple highlight create an eye-catching contrast that draws everyone’s attention.

Sought-After Blonde Hairstyles

Ashanti showed off one of the most sought-after blonde hairstyles for black women: a straight and layered long bob. Ashanti rocked this style at her ‘X Factor finale party; its center-parted strands had all been lightened for an elegant two-tone effect that complements every skin tone.

Wavy Blonde Styles

Medium-length-haired individuals looking for something different are sure to love wavy blonde styles, which feature straight top strands that curve into loose coils as they reach the shoulders. This feminine and bouncy style can easily be maintained using volumizing mousse or curl-defining gel for an effortless everyday look.

Icy Blonde Hue

Make an impactful statement with an icy blonde hue for an eye-catching look sure to turn heads. Perfect for all hair textures, this cool shade makes an impactful statement.

Wild Berry Red Twist

Deanna gave this model’s natural hair an eye-catching twist by layering it in a wild berry red hue, adding textured curls for an elegant and bold appearance. Deanna created this protective style as a great way for black women to express their beauty and stand out from the crowd.

Vibrant Pink and Ginger-Red Bob

A bob with vibrant pink and ginger-red highlights makes a statement while being low maintenance, perfect for casual and formal events alike.

Elegant Long Red Wavy Lace Front Hairstyles

Long red wavy lace front hairstyles for black women are both elegant and empowering, providing protection from heat damage on their scalps and an elegant appearance. This style can be worn straight for a sleek appearance or with loose waves for casual occasions. Additionally, this style also helps prevent heat-induced damage to their locks.

Long Frizzy Curls with Afrocentric Flair

Long, frizzy curls offer an Afrocentric flair and lasting power when worn as part of a bold style, such as long frizzies. This medium-curly style works for black women of all ages; its striking beauty works both sexily and boldly – it works equally well on runway models or stay-at-home moms alike!

High Ponytail with Brown Weave

Welcome your curls with open arms, and don’t be afraid to style them in a high ponytail with loose strands cascading down around your face. Add some brown weave for an eye-catching contrast between dark natural hair and your top ponytail; maintaining these curly locks may require additional upkeep, but the effort is worth the reward!